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Levi, H. W. (1992b). Spiders of the orb-weaver genus Parawixia in America (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 153: 1-46. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alpaida tullgreni Araneidae 8 (Tm from Parawixia) Alpaida tullgreni
Ocrepeira darlingtoni Araneidae 8 (Tm from Parawixia) Wixia darlingtoni
Ocrepeira mastophoroides Araneidae 8 (Tj from Parawixia) Wixia mastophoroides
Parawixia acapulco Araneidae 12, f. 9-13 (Df) Parawixia acapulco
Parawixia audax Araneidae 36, f. 1-5, 7-8, 136-142 (mf, S of Parawixia coronigera, P. eumeniphila and P. rugosa) Parawixia audax
Parawixia barbacoas Araneidae 14, f. 27-31 (Df) Parawixia barbacoas
Parawixia bistriata Araneidae 41, f. 150-157 (mf, T from Eriophora, S of Eriophora aeronavis, Parawixia bicolorata, P. nordenskioldi and P. sermonifera) Parawixia bistriata
Parawixia carimagua Araneidae 20, f. 54-55 (Dm) [] Parawixia porvenir
Parawixia casa Araneidae 20, f. 52-53 (Dm) Parawixia casa
Parawixia destricta Araneidae 14, f. 19-26 (Tmf from Wixia) Parawixia destricta
Parawixia divisoria Araneidae 28, f. 97-103 (Dmf) Parawixia divisoria
Parawixia guatemalensis Araneidae 16, f. 40-45 (f, Dm) Parawixia guatemalensis
Parawixia honesta Araneidae 12, f. 14-18 (f) Parawixia honesta
Parawixia hoxaea Araneidae 26, f. 88-92 (f) Parawixia hoxaea
Parawixia hypocrita Araneidae 21, f. 56-62 (m, Df) Parawixia hypocrita
Parawixia inopinata Araneidae 22, f. 69-73 (m, Df) Parawixia inopinata
Parawixia kochi Araneidae 33, f. 123-135 (mf, S of Parawixia kochi albozonata, P. k. maculilatera, P. k. nigrohumeralis, P. minas and P. setosa) Parawixia kochi
Parawixia maldonado Araneidae 32, f. 115-116 (Dm) Parawixia maldonado
Parawixia matiapa Araneidae 27, f. 93-94 (Dm) Parawixia matiapa
Parawixia monticola Araneidae 25, f. 81-87 (f, Dm) Parawixia monticola
Parawixia nesophila Araneidae 22, f. 63-68 (f, Dm) Parawixia nesophila
Parawixia ouro Araneidae 30, f. 110-114 (Df) Parawixia ouro
Parawixia paraopeba Araneidae 41 (type lost, possible S of Parawixia bistriata, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Parawixia paraopeba
Parawixia ribeiroi Araneidae 37 (type lost, possible S of Parawixia audax, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Parawixia ribeiroi
Parawixia rigida Araneidae 32, f. 117-122 (mf, S of Parawixia armata and P. rigida) Parawixia rigida
Parawixia rimosa Araneidae 16, f. 6, 32-39 (mf, S of Parawixia destrictoides and P. hamata) Parawixia rimosa
Parawixia tarapoa Araneidae 30, f. 104-109 (Dmf) Parawixia tarapoa
Parawixia tomba Araneidae 27, f. 95-96 (Dm) Parawixia tomba
Parawixia tredecimnotata Araneidae 18, f. 46-51 (mf, S of Parawixia cambridgei) Parawixia tredecimnotata
Parawixia undulata Araneidae 40, f. 143-149 (f, Dm) Parawixia undulata
Parawixia velutina Araneidae 24, f. 74-80 (f, Dm, S of Parawixia eriophoroides) Parawixia velutina
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