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Levy, G. (1992). The spider genera Palaestina, Trygetus, Zodarion and Ranops (Araneae, Zodariidae) in Israel with annotations on species of the Middle East. Israel Journal of Zoology 38: 67-110. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Palaestina dentifera Zodariidae 72, f. 13-18 (mf) Palaestina dentifera
Palaestina eremica Zodariidae 74, f. 19-26 (Dmf) Palaestina eremica
Palaestina expolita Zodariidae 69, f. 1-12 (mf, S of Palaestina smyrna) Palaestina expolita
Trygetus nitidissimus Zodariidae 83, f. 47-51 (m, Df) Trygetus nitidissimus
Trygetus riyadhensis Zodariidae 80, f. 39-46 (f, Dm) Trygetus riyadhensis
Trygetus sexoculatus Zodariidae 77, f. 27-38 (f, Dm) Trygetus sexoculatus
Zodarion atriceps Zodariidae 97, f. 93-97 (mf) Zodarion atriceps
Zodarion buettikeri Zodariidae 85 (Tmf from Acanthinozodium) Zodarion buettikeri
Zodarion cyrenaicum Zodariidae 101, f. 103-107 (mf) Zodarion cyrenaicum
Zodarion expers Zodariidae 105, f. 108-120 (Tf from Zodarion, Dm) Ranops expers
Zodarion graecum Zodariidae 97, f. 90-92 (m) Zodarion graecum
Zodarion granulatum Zodariidae 92, f. 72-84 (m, Df) Zodarion granulatum
Zodarion judaeorum Zodariidae 98, f. 98-102 (Dmf) Zodarion judaeorum
Zodarion luctuosum Zodariidae 88, f. 62-66 (mf) Zodarion luctuosum
Zodarion lutipes Zodariidae 89, f. 67-71 (Tmf from Acanthinozodium) Zodarion lutipes
Zodarion nitidum Zodariidae 86, f. 53-61 (mf, S) Zodarion nitidum
Zodarion reticulatum Zodariidae 93 (removed f from S of Z. granulatum) Zodarion reticulatum
Zodarion thoni Zodariidae 97, f. 85-89 (mf, S) Zodarion cyprium
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