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Noordam, A. (1992). Gnaphosidae (Araneae) of the Netherlands, drawings, some notes, and some thoughts about ant-mimicry. Published by the author, Leiden, Netherlands, viii & 16 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Callilepis nocturna Gnaphosidae 1, 2, 13 (mf) Callilepis nocturna
Drassodes cupreus Gnaphosidae 1, 5 (mf) Drassodes cupreus
Drassodes pubescens Gnaphosidae 1, 5 (mf) Drassodes pubescens
Drassyllus lutetianus Gnaphosidae 10 (mf) Zelotes lutetianus
Drassyllus praeficus Gnaphosidae 10 (mf) Zelotes praeficus
Drassyllus pusillus Gnaphosidae 1, 10 (mf) Zelotes pusillus
Gnaphosa leporina Gnaphosidae 1, 2, 14 (mf) Gnaphosa leporina
Gnaphosa lucifuga Gnaphosidae 3, 14 (mf) Gnaphosa lucifuga
Gnaphosa lugubris Gnaphosidae 14 (f) Gnaphosa lugubris
Gnaphosa montana Gnaphosidae 14 (f) Gnaphosa montana
Haplodrassus dalmatensis Gnaphosidae 6 (mf) Haplodrassus dalmatensis
Haplodrassus signifer Gnaphosidae 6 (mf) Haplodrassus signifer
Haplodrassus silvestris Gnaphosidae 6 (mf) Haplodrassus silvestris
Kishidaia conspicua Gnaphosidae 1, 2, 13 (mf) Poecilochroa conspicua
Micaria dives Gnaphosidae 4, 16 (mf) Micaria dives
Micaria formicaria Gnaphosidae 15 (mf) Micaria formicaria
Micaria fulgens Gnaphosidae 1, 15 (mf) Micaria fulgens
Micaria lenzi Gnaphosidae 4, 16 (m) Micaria lenzi
Micaria micans Gnaphosidae fig. 15 ad part (mf; partly misidentified per Muster & Michalik, 2020: Appendix S1) Micaria pulicaria
Micaria pulicaria Gnaphosidae f. 15 ad part (mf; partly belong to M. micans per Muster & Michalik, 2020: Appendix S1) Micaria pulicaria
Micaria silesiaca Gnaphosidae 4, 16 (mf) Micaria silesiaca
Micaria subopaca Gnaphosidae 16 (mf) Micaria subopaca
Phaeocedus braccatus Gnaphosidae 7 (mf) Phaeocedus braccatus
Scotophaeus blackwalli Gnaphosidae 8 (mf) Scotophaeus blackwalli
Scotophaeus scutulatus Gnaphosidae 1, 2, 8 (mf) Scotophaeus scutulatus
Trachyzelotes pedestris Gnaphosidae 9 (f) Zelotes pedestris
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 9 (mf) Zelotes rusticus
Zelotes electus Gnaphosidae 11 (mf) Zelotes electus
Zelotes latreillei Gnaphosidae 3, 11 (mf) Zelotes latreillei
Zelotes longipes Gnaphosidae 11 (mf) Zelotes serotinus
Zelotes petrensis Gnaphosidae 11 (mf) Zelotes petrensis
Zelotes subterraneus Gnaphosidae 12 (mf) Zelotes subterraneus
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