Included taxa

Marx, G. (1883). Araneina. In: Howard, L. O. (ed.) A list of the invertebrate fauna of South Carolina. Charleston, pp. 21-26. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthepeira stellata Araneidae 22 Acanthepeira stellata
Hentzia palmarum Salticidae 26 Hentzia palmarum
Ocrepeira ectypa Araneidae 22 Ocrepeira ectypa
Verrucosa arenata Araneidae 22 Acanthepeira verrucosa
Genus Family Page
Acanthepeira Marx, 1883 Araneidae 22
Hentzia Marx, 1883 Salticidae 26
Ocrepeira Marx, 1883 Araneidae 22