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Roberts, M. J. (1992). The illustration of spiders. In: Cooper, J. E., P. Pearce-Kelly & D. L. Williams (eds.) Arachnida: Proceedings of a One-Day Symposium on Spiders and their Allies held at the Zoological Society of London 21st November 1987. Chiron Publications, pp. 190-195. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Linyphia hortensis Linyphiidae 193, f. 2b, 3b (mf) Linyphia hortensis
Linyphia triangularis Linyphiidae 193, f. 2a, 3a (mf) Linyphia triangularis
Neriene montana Linyphiidae 193, f. 2c, 3c (mf) Neriene montana
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