Included taxa

Tanasevitch, A. V. (1992). New genera and species of the tribe Lepthyphantini (Aranei Linyphiidae Micronetinae) from Asia (with some nomenclatorial notes on linyphiids). Arthropoda Selecta 1(1): 39-50. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Abiskoa abiskoensis Linyphiidae 48 (S) Lepthyphantes abiskoensis
Anguliphantes curvus Linyphiidae 48, f. 6a-f (Dmf) Lepthyphantes curvus
Crispiphantes biseulsanensis Linyphiidae 45 (Tf from Lepthyphantes) Crispiphantes biseulsanensis
Crispiphantes rhomboideus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Crispiphantes rhomboideus
Crispiphantes rhomboideus Linyphiidae 45, f. 4c-e (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Crispiphantes amurensis
Diplocephalus montaneus Linyphiidae 50 (replacement name) Diplocephalus montaneus
Herbiphantes cericeus Linyphiidae 43, f. 1e-f, 2h-k (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Herbiphantes cericeus
Herbiphantes longiventris Linyphiidae 40, f. 1a-b, 2a-d (Dmf) Herbiphantes longiventris
Herbiphantes pratensis Linyphiidae 43, f. 1c-d, 2e-g (Dmf) Herbiphantes pratensis
Himalaphantes azumiensis Linyphiidae 45, 3f-h (mf, T from Lepthyphantes) Himalaphantes azumiensis
Himalaphantes grandiculus Linyphiidae 43, f. 3a-c (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Himalaphantes grandiculus
Himalaphantes magnus Linyphiidae 44 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Himalaphantes magnus
Himalaphantes martensi Linyphiidae 44, f. 3d-e (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Himalaphantes martensi
Improphantes biconicus Linyphiidae 48, f. 5f-i (Dm) Lepthyphantes biconicus
Incestophantes amotus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes amotus
Incestophantes camtchadalicus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes camtchadalicus
Incestophantes cymbialis Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes cymbialis
Incestophantes duplicatus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes, sub previously synonymized name) Incestophantes triramus
Incestophantes frigidus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes frigidus
Incestophantes incestoides Linyphiidae 45, f. 4b (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes incestoides
Incestophantes incestus Linyphiidae 45, f. 4a (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes incestus
Incestophantes kochiellus Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes kochiellus
Incestophantes washingtoni Linyphiidae 45 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Incestophantes washingtoni
Linyphia melanopleuros Linyphiidae 49 (nomen dubium) Lepthyphantes melanopleuros
Megalepthyphantes kronebergi Linyphiidae 48 (S of Lepthyphantes xinjiangensis) Lepthyphantes kronebergi
Oryphantes cognatus Linyphiidae 45, f. 5a-e (Dmf) Lepthyphantes cognatus
Tenuiphantes ivanovi Linyphiidae 49 (nomen dubium, aberrant specimen of L. nigriventris or L. tenebricola - therefore T here to Tenuiphantes) Lepthyphantes ivanovi
Genus Family Page
Crispiphantes Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 45
Herbiphantes Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 40
Himalaphantes Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 43
Incestophantes Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 45
Perregrinus Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 50
Perro Tanasevitch, 1992 Linyphiidae 49