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Żabka, M. (1992c). Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions, VII. Paraplatoides and Grayenulla - new genera from Australia and New Caledonia. Records of the Australian Museum 44: 165-183. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Grayenulla australensis Salticidae 180, f. 15a-e (Dm) Grayenulla australensis
Grayenulla dejongi Salticidae 177, f. 10a-e, 11a-d (Dmf) Grayenulla dejongi
Grayenulla nova Salticidae 181, f. 16a-d (Df) Grayenulla nova
Grayenulla waldockae Salticidae 179, f. 14a-f (Dm) Grayenulla waldockae
Grayenulla wishartorum Salticidae 178, f. 12a-c, 13a-d (Dm) Grayenulla wishartorum
Paraplatoides caledonicus Salticidae 169 (Tmf from Holoplatys) Paraplatoides caledonica
Paraplatoides christopheri Salticidae 172, f. 6a-c (Dm) Paraplatoides christopheri
Paraplatoides hirsti Salticidae 171, f. 4a-c, 5a-c (Dmf) Paraplatoides hirsti
Paraplatoides longulus Salticidae 170, f. 3a-c (Dm) Paraplatoides longulus
Paraplatoides niger Salticidae 173, f. 7a-e, 8a-c (Dmf) Paraplatoides nigrum
Paraplatoides tenerrimus Salticidae 169, f. 2a-d (Tm from Copocrossa) Paraplatoides tenerrima
Genus Family Page
Grayenulla Żabka, 1992 Salticidae 175
Paraplatoides Żabka, 1992 Salticidae 166