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Baehr, M. & Baehr, B. (1993b). The Hersiliidae of the Oriental Region including New Guinea. Taxonomy, phylogeny, zoogeography (Arachnida, Araneae). Spixiana 19(Suppl.): 1-96. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hersilia albinota Hersiliidae 60, f. 9, 39a-b, e-f (Df) Hersilia albinota
Hersilia albomaculata Hersiliidae 19, f. 2, 16a-d (m) Hersilia albomaculata
Hersilia asiatica Hersiliidae 25, f. 20c-f (mf) Hersilia asiatica
Hersilia baliensis Hersiliidae 42, f. 28c-f (Dmf) Hersilia baliensis
Hersilia caudata Hersiliidae 17, f. 1, 15a-f (mf) Hersilia caudata
Hersilia clypealis Hersiliidae 45, f. 30e-f (Df) Hersilia clypealis
Hersilia deelemanae Hersiliidae 27, f. 4, 21a-f (Dmf) Hersilia deelemanae
Hersilia facialis Hersiliidae 61, f. 10, 40a-b, e-f (Df) Hersilia facialis
Hersilia feai Hersiliidae 36, f. 25c-d, g (Dm) Hersilia feai
Hersilia flagellifera Hersiliidae 46, f. 6, 31a-f (Dmf) Hersilia flagellifera
Hersilia impressifrons Hersiliidae 57, f. 37e-f (Df) Hersilia impressifrons
Hersilia kinabaluensis Hersiliidae 23, f. 3, 19a-f (Dmf) Hersilia kinabaluensis
Hersilia madang Hersiliidae 53, f. 8, 35a-d (Dm) Hersilia madang
Hersilia martensi Hersiliidae 21, f. 17c-d (Dm) Hersilia martensi
Hersilia mimbi Hersiliidae 349, f. 1-4 (Dmf) Hersilia mimbi
Hersilia mjoebergi Hersiliidae 44, f. 29e-f (Df) Hersilia mjoebergi
Hersilia nentwigi Hersiliidae 40, f. 27c-d (Dmf) Hersilia nentwigi
Hersilia nepalensis Hersiliidae 34, f. 24c-d, f-g (Dmf) Hersilia nepalensis
Hersilia novaeguineae Hersiliidae 55, f. 36c-f (Dmf) Hersilia novaeguineae
Hersilia pectinata Hersiliidae 48, f. 32c-d (m; f of Sinha, 1951 = H. tibialis) Hersilia pectinata
Hersilia savignyi Hersiliidae 29, f. 5, 22a-f (mf, S) Hersilia savignyi
Hersilia simplicipalpis Hersiliidae 32, f. 23c-g (Dmf) Hersilia simplicipalpis
Hersilia striata Hersiliidae 37, f. 26c-g (mf) Hersilia striata
Hersilia sumatrana Hersiliidae 50, f. 33e-f (Tf from Tama, S) Hersilia sumatrana
Hersilia sundaica Hersiliidae 58, f. 38c-f (Dmf) Hersilia sundaica
Hersilia tibialis Hersiliidae 51, f. 7, 34a-f (Dmf) Hersilia tibialis
Hersilia vicina Hersiliidae 22, f. 18e-f (Df) Hersilia vicina
Murricia cornuta Hersiliidae 65, f. 12, 42a-b, e-f (Df) Murricia cornuta
Murricia crinifera Hersiliidae 66, f. 43e-f (Df) Murricia crinifera
Murricia triangularis Hersiliidae 67, f. 44e-f (Df) Murricia triangularis
Neotama longimana Hersiliidae 71, f. 13, 46a-f (Dmf) Neotama longimana
Neotama punctigera Hersiliidae 73, f. 47e-f (Df) Neotama punctigera
Neotama rothorum Hersiliidae 74, f. 48e-f (Df) Neotama rothorum
Neotama variata Hersiliidae 69, f. 45c-f (Tmf from Tama) Neotama variata
Promurricia depressa Hersiliidae 63, f. 11, 41a-b, e-f (Df) Promurricia depressa
Tamopsis wau Hersiliidae 75, f. 14, 49a-b, e-f (Df) Tamopsis wau
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Neotama Baehr & Baehr, 1993 Hersiliidae 68
Promurricia Baehr & Baehr, 1993 Hersiliidae 63