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Deeleman-Reinhold, C. L. (1993b). A new spider genus from Thailand with a unique ant-mimicking device, with description of some other castianeirine spiders (Araneae: Corinnidae: Castianeirinae). Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society 40: 167-184. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Castianeira quadritaeniata Corinnidae 176, f. 17, 26 (Tf from Corinnomma) Castianeira quadritaeniata
Castoponera ciliata Corinnidae 174, f. 4-9 (Dmf) Castianeira ciliata
Castoponera scotopoda Corinnidae 175, f. 10-12 (Dmf) Castianeira scotopoda
Corinnomma javanum Corinnidae 181, f. 24-25, 28 (m, Df, elevated from subspecies) Corinnomma javanum
Corinnomma rapax Corinnidae 179, f. 21-22 (Dm) Corinnomma rapax
Corinnomma severum Corinnidae 177, f. 13-16, 18-19, 23 (mf, S of Corinnomma harmandi) Corinnomma severum
Corinnomma thorelli Corinnidae 180, f. 20, 27 (mf) Corinnomma thorelli
Pranburia mahannopi Corinnidae 169, f. 1-3, 29-30 (Dm) Pranburia mahannopi
Genus Family Page
Pranburia Deeleman-Reinhold, 1993 Corinnidae 169