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Levi, H. W. (1993b). The Neotropical orb-weaving spiders of the genera Wixia, Pozonia, and Ocrepeira (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 153: 47-141. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mecynogea infelix Araneidae 56 (Tf from Wixia) Mecynogea infelix
Ocrepeira abiseo Araneidae 121, f. 315-321 (Dmf) Ocrepeira abiseo
Ocrepeira albopunctata Araneidae 131, f. 372-379 (mf, T from Wixia, S of Wixia trigonellus) Ocrepeira albopunctata
Ocrepeira anta Araneidae 112, f. 257-263 (Dmf) Ocrepeira anta
Ocrepeira aragua Araneidae 126, f. 345-347 (Dm) Ocrepeira aragua
Ocrepeira arturi Araneidae 86, f. 101-107 (Dmf) Ocrepeira arturi
Ocrepeira atuncela Araneidae 112, f. 253-256 (Df) Ocrepeira atuncela
Ocrepeira barbara Araneidae 113, f. 264-268 (Df) Ocrepeira barbara
Ocrepeira bispinosa Araneidae 106, f. 218-223 (f, Dm, S of Wixia bicornuta) Ocrepeira bispinosa
Ocrepeira branta Araneidae 81, f. 71-74 (Df) Ocrepeira branta
Ocrepeira camaca Araneidae 85, f. 94-100 (Dmf) Ocrepeira camaca
Ocrepeira comaina Araneidae 130, f. 367-368 (Dm) Ocrepeira comaina
Ocrepeira covillei Araneidae 135, f. 392-402 (Dmf) Ocrepeira covillei
Ocrepeira cuy Araneidae 120, f. 308-314 (Dmf) Ocrepeira cuy
Ocrepeira darlingtoni Araneidae 124, f. 329-333 (Tm from Wixia) Ocrepeira darlingtoni
Ocrepeira duocypha Araneidae 129, f. 360-363 (Tf from Araneus) Ocrepeira duocypha
Ocrepeira ectypa Araneidae 56 (T from Wixia) Ocrepeira ectypa
Ocrepeira fiebrigi Araneidae 102, f. 192-199 (Tmf from Wixia) Ocrepeira fiebrigi
Ocrepeira galianoae Araneidae 100, f. 186-191 (Dmf) Ocrepeira galianoae
Ocrepeira georgia Araneidae 56 (Tmf from Wixia) Ocrepeira georgia
Ocrepeira gima Araneidae 104, f. 205-211 (Dmf) Ocrepeira gima
Ocrepeira globosa Araneidae 75, f. 36-40 (f, not m = O. rufa, T from Wixia) Ocrepeira globosa
Ocrepeira gnomo Araneidae 108, f. 224-231 (Tj from Wixia, Dmf) Ocrepeira gnomo
Ocrepeira gulielmi Araneidae 109, f. 236-242 (Dmf) Ocrepeira gulielmi
Ocrepeira heredia Araneidae 130, f. 369-371 (Dm) Ocrepeira heredia
Ocrepeira herrera Araneidae 134, f. 387-391 (Dmf) Ocrepeira herrera
Ocrepeira hirsuta Araneidae 89, f. 119-125 (mf, T from Eustala) Ocrepeira hirsuta
Ocrepeira hondura Araneidae 90, f. 126-130 (Df) Ocrepeira hondura
Ocrepeira incerta Araneidae 88, f. 114-118 (Tf from Wixia) Ocrepeira incerta
Ocrepeira ituango Araneidae 118, f. 297-301 (Df) Ocrepeira ituango
Ocrepeira jacara Araneidae 129, f. 364-366 (Dm) Ocrepeira jacara
Ocrepeira jamora Araneidae 116, f. 284-286 (Dm) Ocrepeira jamora
Ocrepeira klossi Araneidae 90, f. 131-136 (Dmf) Ocrepeira klossi
Ocrepeira lapeza Araneidae 125, f. 340-344 (Df) Ocrepeira lapeza
Ocrepeira lisei Araneidae 109, f. 232-235 (Df) Ocrepeira lisei
Ocrepeira lurida Araneidae 96, f. 160-166 (Tf from Wixia, Dm) Ocrepeira lurida
Ocrepeira macaiba Araneidae 112, f. 249-252 (Df) Ocrepeira macaiba
Ocrepeira macintyrei Araneidae 113, f. 269-271 (Dm) Ocrepeira macintyrei
Ocrepeira magdalena Araneidae 124, f. 334-339 (Dmf) Ocrepeira magdalena
Ocrepeira malleri Araneidae 100, f. 180-185 (Dmf) Ocrepeira malleri
Ocrepeira maltana Araneidae 105, f. 216-217 (Dm) Ocrepeira maltana
Ocrepeira maraca Araneidae 126, f. 348-353 (Dmf) Ocrepeira maraca
Ocrepeira mastophoroides Araneidae 92, f. 137-142 (Tj from Wixia, Dmf) Ocrepeira mastophoroides
Ocrepeira molle Araneidae 104, f. 200-204 (Dmf) Ocrepeira molle
Ocrepeira pedregal Araneidae 86, f. 108-110 (Dm) Ocrepeira pedregal
Ocrepeira pinhal Araneidae 105, f. 212-215 (Df) Ocrepeira pinhal
Ocrepeira pista Araneidae 117, f. 287-289 (Dm) Ocrepeira pista
Ocrepeira planada Araneidae 117, f. 290-296 (Dmf) Ocrepeira planada
Ocrepeira potosi Araneidae 81, f. 75-77 (Dm) Ocrepeira potosi
Ocrepeira redempta Araneidae 84, f. 88-93 (f, Dm) Ocrepeira redempta
Ocrepeira redondo Araneidae 96, f. 157-159 (Dm) Ocrepeira redondo
Ocrepeira rufa Araneidae 78, f. 48-70 (mf, T from Wixia, S of Wixia bituberosa, W. clivosa, W. consequa and W. gibbifera) Ocrepeira rufa
Ocrepeira saladito Araneidae 120, f. 302-307 (Dmf) Ocrepeira saladito
Ocrepeira serrallesi Araneidae 82, f. 34-35, 78-87 (mf, T from Wixia, S of Wixia pujalsi and W. vaurieorum) Ocrepeira serrallesi
Ocrepeira sorota Araneidae 137, f. 403-406 (Df) Ocrepeira sorota
Ocrepeira steineri Araneidae 110, f. 243-248 (Dmf) Ocrepeira steineri
Ocrepeira subrufa Araneidae 75, f. 41-47 (mf, T from Wixia, S of Wixia sicula and W. vulcani) Ocrepeira subrufa
Ocrepeira tinajillas Araneidae 122, f. 322-328 (Dmf) Ocrepeira tinajillas
Ocrepeira tumida Araneidae 99, f. 174-179 (Tf from Wixia, Dm) Ocrepeira tumida
Ocrepeira tungurahua Araneidae 114, f. 272-277 (Dmf) Ocrepeira tungurahua
Ocrepeira turrigera Araneidae 78 (T from Wixia, doubtful S of Ocrepeira rufa, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Ocrepeira turrigera
Ocrepeira valderramai Araneidae 116, f. 278-283 (Dmf) Ocrepeira valderramai
Ocrepeira venustula Araneidae 94, f. 27-33, 143-154 (mf, T from Wixia) Ocrepeira venustula
Ocrepeira verecunda Araneidae 95, f. 155-156 (Tm from Araneus) Ocrepeira verecunda
Ocrepeira viejo Araneidae 132, f. 380-386 (Dmf) Ocrepeira viejo
Ocrepeira willisi Araneidae 98, f. 167-173 (Dmf) Ocrepeira willisi
Ocrepeira yaelae Araneidae 128, f. 354-359 (Dmf) Ocrepeira yaelae
Ocrepeira yucatan Araneidae 88, f. 111-113 (Dm) Ocrepeira yucatan
Pozonia bacillifera Araneidae 60, f. 11-14 (Tf from Wixia) Pozonia bacillifera
Pozonia cornuta Araneidae 62 (doubtful S of Pozonia nigroventris, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Pozonia cornuta
Pozonia dromedaria Araneidae 60, f. 7-10 (Tf from Kaira) Pozonia dromedaria
Pozonia granadensis Araneidae 62 (type is immature, doubtful S of Pozonia nigroventris, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Kaira granadensis
Pozonia nigroventris Araneidae 62, f. 15-26 (Tj from Wixia, Dmf) Pozonia nigroventris
Wixia abdominalis Araneidae 56, f. 1-6 (f, Dm) Wixia abdominalis
Wixia proxima Araneidae 56 (type lost, unrecognizable species = nomen dubium) Wixia proxima
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