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Li, S. Q. & Song, D. X. (1993). On the diagnostic characters of linyphiid spiders, with descriptions of some species (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Scientific Treatise on Systematic and Evolutionary Zoology 2: 247-256. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bifurcia ramosa Linyphiidae 251, f. 2A-G (f, Dm) Arcuphantes ramosus
Floronia hunanensis Linyphiidae 251, f. 3A-I (Dmf) Floronia hunanensis
Frontinella hubeiensis Linyphiidae 252, f. 4A-I (Dmf) Frontinella hubeiensis
Frontinella zhui Linyphiidae 254, f. 5A-F (f) Frontinella zhui
Porrhomma rakanum Linyphiidae 250 (S P. longjiangense, rejected) Porrhomma rakanum
Tenuiphantes aduncus Linyphiidae 249, f. 1A-D (f) Lepthyphantes aduncus
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