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Logunov, D. V., Cutler, B. & Marusik, Y. M. (1993). A review of the genus Euophrys C. L. Koch in Siberia and the Russian Far East (Araneae: Salticidae). Annales Zoologici Fennici 30(2): 101-124 (incl. Erratum: 30(3): 247). download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Euophrys flavoatra Salticidae 108, f. 5B, 6A, 7A, 8A-D, 9A-C (m, Df) Euophrys flavoater
Euophrys frontalis Salticidae 111, f. 5A, 10A-E, 11A-B (mf) Euophrys frontalis
Euophrys monadnock Salticidae 117, f. 6C, 7C, 14A-E (mf) Euophrys monadnock
Euophrys proszynskii Salticidae 113, f. 5C, 12A-E, 13A-C (Dmf) Euophrys proszynskii
Euophrys uralensis Salticidae 117, f. 6B, 7B, 15A-E (Dmf; N.B.: corrected f. 15 is on p. 247 of journal) Euophrys uralensis
Pseudeuophrys erratica Salticidae 104, f. 2A-D (mf) Euophrys erratica
Pseudeuophrys iwatensis Salticidae 106, f. 3A-D (mf) Euophrys iwatensis
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Salticidae 107, f. 4A-D (mf) Euophrys obsoleta
Talavera aequipes Salticidae 119, f. 16A-E (mf; N.B.: belongs here per footnote on p. 119) Euophrys aequipes
Talavera aperta Salticidae 121, f. 18D-E (f only, misidentified) Euophrys thorelli
Talavera petrensis Salticidae 120, f. 17A-E (mf; N.B.: T here per footnote on p. 119) Euophrys petrensis
Talavera thorelli Salticidae 121, f. 18A-C (m only) Euophrys thorelli
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