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Marusik, Y. M., Eskov, K. Y., Logunov, D. V. & Basarukin, A. M. (1993b). A check-list of spiders (Arachnida Aranei) from Sakhalin and Kurile Islands. Arthropoda Selecta 1(4): 73-85. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bathyphantes gracilis Linyphiidae 74 (S) Bathyphantes gracilis
Bathyphantes pogonias Linyphiidae 74 (S; N.B.: S not accepted by Buckle et al., 2001: 103) Bathyphantes pogonias
Holminaria prolata Linyphiidae 74 (Tm from Microneta, Sf) Holminaria prolata
Icius niger Salticidae 82 (dubious species record) Icius nigra
Kaestneria pullata Linyphiidae 75 (S; N.B.: S not accepted by Buckle et al., 2001: 127) Kaestneria pullata
Linyphia albomaculata Linyphiidae 84 (nomen dubium) Linyphia albomaculata
Micryphantes miniatus Linyphiidae 84 (nomen dubium) Micryphantes miniatus
Oedothorax mongolensis Linyphiidae 74 (Tmf from Hybauchenidium) Oedothorax mongolensis
Styloctetor okhotensis Linyphiidae 74 (replacement name) Ceratinopsis okhotensis
Walckenaeria karpinskii Linyphiidae 75 (S) Walckenaeria karpinskii
Walckenaeria vigilax Linyphiidae 74 (S) Walckenaeria vigilax
Weintrauboa chikunii Pimoidae 75 (S, rejected by Hormiga, 2003: 276) Labulla insularis
Weintrauboa insularis Pimoidae 75 (Tf from Lepthyphantes, S Labulla contortipes chikunii, S rejected by Hormiga, 2003: 276 but misplaced in Labulla per Hormiga & Scharff, 2005: 392) Labulla insularis
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