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Patel, B. H. & Reddy, T. S. (1993b). On some new species of spiders of the genera Hippasa Simon, Lycosa Latreille, Pardosa Koch and Trochosa Koch (family: Lycosidae) from coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India 90: 121-133. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Draposa subhadrae Lycosidae 128, f. 5a-g (Dmf) Pardosa subhadrae
Hippasa valiveruensis Lycosidae 121, f. 1a-d (Df) Hippasa valiveruensis
Lycosa balaramai Lycosidae 123, f. 2a-d (Df) Lycosa balaramai
Lycosa thoracica Lycosidae 125, f. 3a-d (Df) Lycosa thoracica
Pardosa gopalai Lycosidae 126, f. 4a-g (Dmf) Pardosa gopalai
Trochosa gunturensis Lycosidae 130, f. 6a-d (Df) Trochosa gunturensis
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