Included taxa

Platnick, N. I. (1993c). Advances in spider taxonomy 1988-1991, with synonymies and transfers 1940-1980. New York Entomological Society, New York, 846 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa aborigenica Lycosidae 492 Pardosa aborigenica
Apopyllus suavis Gnaphosidae 642 (S) Apopyllus iheringi
Camillina longipes Gnaphosidae 644 (Tf from Herpyllus, based on examination of Nicolet type in Paris, Sm) Camillina longipes
Dubiaranea tridentata Linyphiidae 270 (replacement name) Dubiaranea tridentata
Echemoides juninianus Gnaphosidae 648 (T from Zodariops, may belong to Echemoides penai but cannot be identified to species with certainty = nomen dubium) Echemoides juninianus
Enna redundans Trechaleidae 523 (replacement name) Dossenus redundans
Ganthela cipingensis Heptathelidae 77 (Tf from Liphistius) Heptathela cipingensis
Glenognatha caporiaccoi Tetragnathidae 373 (replacement name) Glenognatha caporiaccoi
Mongolicosa pseudoferruginea Lycosidae 501 Pardosa triangulata
Odo cubanus Xenoctenidae 680 Simonus cubanus
Plesiopelma imperatrix Theraphosidae 103 (T due to generic S of Plesiopelma, but that S rejected by PĂ©rez-Miles et al., 1996: 55) Citharacanthus imperatrix
Scopoides asceticus Gnaphosidae 664 (correction of ending) Scopoides asceticus
Scopoides naturalisticus Gnaphosidae 664 (correction of ending) Scopoides naturalisticus
Tetragnatha nitens Tetragnathidae 381 (replacement name for Tetragnatha tullgreni Caporiacco, 1947) [] Tetragnatha caporiaccoi
Xysticus hui Thomisidae 726 (replacement name) Xysticus hui
Zelotes caprearum Gnaphosidae 669 (replacement name) [] Zelotes denapes
Zimiromus medius Gnaphosidae 671 (S of Echemus pallas) Zimiromus medius
Genus Family Page
Benoitodes Platnick, 1993 Gnaphosidae 642
Eurymorion Millidge, 1993 Linyphiidae 277
Myrmecomelix Millidge, 1993 Linyphiidae 324
Novakiella Court & Forster, 1993 Araneidae 457
Turbinellina Millidge, 1993 Linyphiidae 364