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Sierwald, P. (1993). Revision of the spider genus Paradossenus, with notes on the family Trechaleidae and the subfamily Rhoicininae (Araneae, Lycosoidea). Revue Arachnologique 10: 53-74. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Paradossenus caricoi Trechaleidae 57, f. 1-2, 9 (Df) Paradossenus caricoi
Paradossenus longipes Trechaleidae 59, f. 5-6, 11, 30 (f, S) Paradossenus longipes
Paradossenus pulcher Trechaleidae 58, f. 3-4, 29 (Df) Paradossenus pulcher
Rhoicinus rothi Trechaleidae 65, f. 12-14, 17-19 (mf) Rhoicinus rothi
Shinobius orientalis Trechaleidae 15-16, 20-22 (mf) Shinobius orientalis
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