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Almquist, S. (1994). Four species of spiders (Araneae) new to Sweden. Entomologisk Tidskrift 115: 113-117. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus pabulator Linyphiidae 113, f. 8-9 (mf) Centromerus pabulator
Cheiracanthium erraticum Cheiracanthiidae 116, f. 20-22 (mf) Cheiracanthium erraticum
Cheiracanthium pennyi Cheiracanthiidae 115, f. 16-19 (mf) Cheiracanthium pennyi
Enoplognatha mordax Theridiidae 113, f. 1-7 (mf) Enoplognatha mordax
Hypsosinga heri Araneidae 114, f. 10-15 (mf) Hypsosinga heri
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