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Bonaldo, A. B. & Brescovit, A. D. (1994). Revision of the Neotropical spider genus Stethorrhagus (Araneae, Corinnidae). Andrias 13: 33-64. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Parachemmis hassleri Corinnidae 39, f. 3a-c (Tm from Stethorrhagus, S; reported f) Parachemmis hassleri
Stethorrhagus archangelus Corinnidae 46, f. 12a-e (Dmf) Stethorrhagus archangelus
Stethorrhagus chalybeius Corinnidae 54, f. 1a-d, 2a-e, 3d-f, 4a-f, 5a-d, 6f, 7a-c, 16a-e (Tm from Corinna, Df; N.B.: f of L. Koch, 1866, misplaced) Stethorrhagus chalybeius
Stethorrhagus duidae Corinnidae 59, f. 20a-b, 21a (m) Stethorrhagus duidae
Stethorrhagus hyula Corinnidae 57, f. 19a-d (Dmf) Stethorrhagus hyula
Stethorrhagus latoma Corinnidae 49, f. 13a-c (Dm) Stethorrhagus latoma
Stethorrhagus limbatus Corinnidae 39, f. 8a-b, 9a-e (mf, S) Stethorrhagus limbatus
Stethorrhagus lupulus Corinnidae 44, f. 10a-g (f, Dm) Stethorrhagus lupulus
Stethorrhagus nigrinus Corinnidae 59, f. 21b-c (Tf from Corinna) Stethorrhagus nigrinus
Stethorrhagus oxossi Corinnidae 46, f. 2f, 6a-e, 7d-f, 11a-d (Dmf) Stethorrhagus oxossi
Stethorrhagus peckorum Corinnidae 61, f. 22a-b (Dm) Stethorrhagus peckorum
Stethorrhagus penai Corinnidae 52, f. 15a-c (Dm) Stethorrhagus penai
Stethorrhagus planada Corinnidae 56, f. 17a-b, 18a-c (Dmf) Stethorrhagus planada
Stethorrhagus roraimae Corinnidae 61, f. 23a-b (f) Stethorrhagus roraimae
Stethorrhagus tridentatus Corinnidae 49, f. 14a-e (m, Df) Stethorrhagus tridentatus
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