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Bosmans, R. & Bosselaers, J. (1994). Spiders of the genera Pachygnatha, Dyschiriognatha and Glenognatha (Araneae, Tetragnathidae), with a revision of the Afrotropical species. Zoologica Scripta 23(4): 325-352. doi:10.1111/j.1463-6409.1994.tb00392.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Glenognatha argyrostilba Tetragnathidae 346, f. 132-147 (mf, S of Dyschiriognatha atlantica) Dyschiriognatha argyrostilba
Glenognatha smilodon Tetragnathidae 348, f. 148-157 (Dm) Glenognatha smilodon
Pachygnatha atromarginata Tetragnathidae 340, f. 100-111 (Dmf) Pachygnatha atromarginata
Pachygnatha goedeli Tetragnathidae 343, f. 123-126 (Dm) Pachygnatha goedeli
Pachygnatha hexatracheata Tetragnathidae 332, f. 52-65 (Dmf) Pachygnatha hexatracheata
Pachygnatha jansseni Tetragnathidae 343, f. 112-122 (Dmf) Pachygnatha jansseni
Pachygnatha kiwuana Tetragnathidae 326, f. 1-6 (m) Pachygnatha kiwuana
Pachygnatha leleupi Tetragnathidae 329, f. 33-51 (f, Dm) Pachygnatha leleupi
Pachygnatha longipes Tetragnathidae 329, f. 28-32 (m) Pachygnatha longipes
Pachygnatha mucronata Tetragnathidae 327, f. 12-15 (f; N.B.: m of Caporiacco, 1949 probably belongs to P. procincta) Pachygnatha mucronata
Pachygnatha okuensis Tetragnathidae 337, f. 90-99 (Dmf) Pachygnatha okuensis
Pachygnatha opdeweerdtae Tetragnathidae 343, f. 127-131 (Df) Pachygnatha opdeweerdtae
Pachygnatha palmquisti Tetragnathidae 327, f. 16-27 (mf) Pachygnatha palmqvisti
Pachygnatha procincta Tetragnathidae 337, f. 82-89 (Dmf) Pachygnatha procincta
Pachygnatha ruanda Tetragnathidae 326, f. 7-11 (f) Pachygnatha ruanda
Pachygnatha zappa Tetragnathidae 332, f. 66-81 (Dmf) Pachygnatha zappa
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