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Glueck, S. (1994). A taxonomic revision of the orb weaver genus Acacesia (Araneae: Araneidae). Psyche, Cambridge 101: 59-84. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acacesia benigna Araneidae 77, f. 23-27 (Dmf) Acacesia benigna
Acacesia hamata Araneidae 69, f. 1, 4-8 (mf, S) Acacesia hamata
Acacesia tenella Araneidae 73, f. 2-3, 9-16 (mf, S) Acacesia cornigera
Acacesia villalobosi Araneidae 79, f. 28-33 (Dmf) Acacesia villalobosi
Acacesia yacuiensis Araneidae 75, f. 17-22 (Dmf) Acacesia yacuiensis
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