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Höfer, H., Brescovit, A. D. & Gasnier, T. (1994). The wandering spiders of the genus Ctenus (Ctenidae, Araneae) of Reserva Ducke, a rainforest reserve in central Amazonia. Andrias 13: 81-98. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centroctenus auberti Ctenidae 94, f. 8c-d (Df) Ctenus tapereba
Ctenus amphora Ctenidae 82, f. 1a-d, 2a-d (mf) Ctenus amphora
Ctenus crulsi Ctenidae 87, f. 5a-d (f, Dm) Ctenus crulsi
Ctenus inaja Ctenidae 94, f. 9a-b, 10a-d (Dmf) Ctenus inaja
Ctenus manauara Ctenidae 91, f. 7a-b, 8a-b (Dmf) Ctenus manauara
Ctenus minor Ctenidae 90, f. 4b, 6a-c (f, Sm) Ctenus minor
Ctenus villasboasi Ctenidae 85, f. 3a-b, 4a (f, Dm) Ctenus villasboasi
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