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Logunov, D. V. & Marusik, Y. M. (1994a). New data on the jumping spiders of the Palearctic fauna (Aranei Salticidae). Arthropoda Selecta 3(1-2): 101-115. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dendryphantes biankii Salticidae 103, f. 2A-E (f, Tm only, not f lectotype, from D. thorelli) Dendryphantes biankii
Dendryphantes fusconotatus Salticidae 103, f. 2F-I (m) Dendryphantes fusconotatus
Dendryphantes ovchinnikovi Salticidae 102, f. 1A-E (Dmf) Dendryphantes ovchinnikovi
Pellenes seriatus Salticidae 106, f. 4A-E (mf) Pellenes seriatus
Pellenes sibiricus Salticidae 108, f. 6A-C, 7A-B, 8A-D (Dmf) Pellenes sibiricus
Pellenes tripunctatus Salticidae 110, f. 6D-F, 7C-F, 8A-D (mf) Pellenes tripunctatus
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