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Logunov, D. V. & Marusik, Y. M. (1994b). A faunistic review of the crab spiders (Araneae, Thomisidae) from the mountains of south Siberia. Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique (Ent.) 64: 177-197. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ozyptila orientalis Thomisidae 180, f. 2 (f, S, rejected) Ozyptila orientalis
Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Thomisidae 180, f. 1 (f) Ozyptila balkarica
Ozyptila orientalis basegica Thomisidae 180 Ozyptila orientalis basegica
Ozyptila sakhalinensis Thomisidae 194, f. 25-27 (Dm) Ozyptila sakhalinensis
Psammitis nenilini Thomisidae 188, f. 8-9 (Df) Xysticus nenilini
Psammitis rugosus Thomisidae 191, f. 20-22 (mf) Xysticus rugosus
Psammitis seserlig Thomisidae 191, f. 10-11, 11A (Dm) Xysticus seserlig
Psammitis sibiricus Thomisidae 191, f. 23-24 (mf) Xysticus sibiricus
Xysticus bermani Thomisidae 195, f. 16-17, 19 (Dmf) Xysticus bermani
Xysticus ferruginoides Thomisidae 184, f. 3-5 (m) Xysticus ferruginoides
Xysticus mugur Thomisidae 187, f. 6-7 (Df) Xysticus mugur
Xysticus sjostedti Thomisidae 192, f. 12-15, 18 (m, Df) Xysticus sjostedti
Xysticus soldatovi Thomisidae 194 (S of Xysticus obtusfurcus) Xysticus soldatovi
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