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Ovtsharenko, V. I., Levy, G. & Platnick, N. I. (1994). A review of the ground spider genus Synaphosus (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). American Museum Novitates 3095: 1-27. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cryptodrassus hungaricus Gnaphosidae 3, f. 7-11 (mf) Cryptodrassus pulchellus
Synaphosus evertsi Gnaphosidae 12, f. 48-52 (Dmf) Synaphosus evertsi
Synaphosus gracillimus Gnaphosidae 18, f. 53-57 (Tmf from Zelotes) Synaphosus gracillimus
Synaphosus intricatus Gnaphosidae 21, f. 72-76 (Tf from Zelotes, Dm) Synaphosus intricatus
Synaphosus kakamega Gnaphosidae 26, f. 86-90 (Dmf) Synaphosus kakamega
Synaphosus karakumensis Gnaphosidae 14, f. 35-37 (Dm) Synaphosus karakumensis
Synaphosus khashm Gnaphosidae 24, f. 84-85 (Df) Synaphosus khashm
Synaphosus minimus Gnaphosidae 20, f. 67-71 (Tf from Zelotes, Dm) Synaphosus minimus
Synaphosus nanus Gnaphosidae 11, f. 38-39 (Tf from Drassodes) Synaphosus nanus
Synaphosus neali Gnaphosidae 21, f. 77-81 (Dmf) Synaphosus neali
Synaphosus palearcticus Gnaphosidae 6, f. 3-5, 21-29 (Dmf) Synaphosus palearcticus
Synaphosus sauvage Gnaphosidae 9, f. 30-34 (Dmf) Synaphosus sauvage
Synaphosus shirin Gnaphosidae 23, f. 82-83 (Df) Synaphosus shirin
Synaphosus soyunovi Gnaphosidae 15, f. 40-42 (Dm) Synaphosus soyunovi
Synaphosus syntheticus Gnaphosidae 5, f. 1-2, 12-20 (mf) Synaphosus syntheticus
Synaphosus taukum Gnaphosidae 11, f. 43-44 (Df) Synaphosus taukum
Synaphosus turanicus Gnaphosidae 18, f. 6, 58-66 (Dmf) Synaphosus turanicus
Synaphosus yatenga Gnaphosidae 16, f. 45-47 (Dm) Synaphosus yatenga
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