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Van den Berg, A. & Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (1994). A revision of the Afrotropical species of the genus Tibellus Simon (Araneae: Philodromidae). Koedoe 37(1): 67-114. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tibellus armatus Philodromidae 87, f. 2c, 3i, 4a-d (elevated f from subspecies, Dm) Tibellus armatus
Tibellus australis Philodromidae 89, f. 3n, 4e-h (f) Tibellus australis
Tibellus bruneitarsis Philodromidae 90, f. 3j, 5a-c (f) Tibellus bruneitarsis
Tibellus cobusi Philodromidae 91, f. 2k, 5d-e (Dm) Tibellus cobusi
Tibellus demangei Philodromidae 92, f. 2a, 3d, 5f-i (mf) Tibellus demangei
Tibellus flavipes Philodromidae 94, f. 1a-c, 2f, 3k, 6a-e (elevated mf from subspecies) Tibellus flavipes
Tibellus gerhardi Philodromidae 96, f. 2j, 3m, 6f-h, 7a-c (Dmf) Tibellus gerhardi
Tibellus hollidayi Philodromidae 97, f. 2n, 3a, 7d-g (f, Dm) Tibellus hollidayi
Tibellus kibonotensis Philodromidae 100, f. 2m, 3c, 8a-g (mf) Tibellus kibonotensis
Tibellus minor Philodromidae 101, f. 2i, 3e, 9a-f (elevated mf from subspecies) Tibellus minor
Tibellus nigeriensis Philodromidae 104, f. 3b, 9g-h, 10a-c (f) Tibellus nigeriensis
Tibellus nimbaensis Philodromidae 105, f. 2b, 3h, 10d-g, 11a-b (Dmf) Tibellus nimbaensis
Tibellus septempunctatus Philodromidae 107, f. 2d, 11c-f (m) Tibellus septempunctatus
Tibellus seriepunctatus Philodromidae 107, f. 2e, 3l, 11g-h, 12a-e (f, Dm) Tibellus seriepunctatus
Tibellus somaliensis Philodromidae 109, f. 2l, 3g, 12f-g, 13a-b (Dmf) Tibellus somaliensis
Tibellus sunetae Philodromidae 110, f. 2g, 3f, 13c-h (Dmf) Tibellus sunetae
Tibellus vossioni Philodromidae 112, f. 2h, 7h (m) Tibellus vossioni
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