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Niekerk, P. van & Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (1994). A revision of the Afrotropical species of Peucetia (Araneae: Oxyopidae). Entomology Memoir, Department of Agriculture Republic of South Africa 89: 1-50. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Peucetia arabica Oxyopidae 45, f. 15g-k (mf) Peucetia arabica
Peucetia casseli Oxyopidae 14, f. 2i-n, 4a-b (f, Sm) Peucetia longipes
Peucetia crucifera Oxyopidae 32, f. 11a-j (mf) Peucetia crucifera
Peucetia diversipes Oxyopidae 48 (type is juvenile, nomen dubium) Peucetia diversipes
Peucetia gerhardi Oxyopidae 30, f. 9h-k (Df) Peucetia gerhardi
Peucetia lesserti Oxyopidae 19, f. 6a-d (Dmf) Peucetia lesserti
Peucetia lucasi Oxyopidae 24, f. 8a-g (mf) Peucetia lucasii
Peucetia luteiceps Oxyopidae 48 (nomen dubium) Peucetia luteiceps
Peucetia maculifera Oxyopidae 42, f. 15a-f (f, Dm) Peucetia maculifera
Peucetia madagascariensis Oxyopidae 25, f. 8h-l (f, Dm) Peucetia madagascariensis
Peucetia madalenae Oxyopidae 10, f. 2a-h (Dmf) Peucetia madalenae
Peucetia minima Oxyopidae 48 (nomen dubium) Peucetia minima
Peucetia nicolae Oxyopidae 41, f. 13f-j (Dmf) Peucetia nicolae
Peucetia pulchra Oxyopidae 16, f. 4c-i (f, Dm) Peucetia pulchra
Peucetia striata Oxyopidae 36, f. 11k-n, 13a-e (f, Sm) Peucetia striata
Peucetia transvaalica Oxyopidae 21, f. 6e-k (mf) Peucetia transvaalica
Peucetia uncivulva Oxyopidae 48 (nomen dubium) Peucetia uncivulva
Peucetia virescens Oxyopidae 46, f. 15l-n (f) Peucetia virescens
Peucetia viridis Oxyopidae 27, f. 9a-k (mf, S) Peucetia viridis
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