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Zhu, M. S., Song, D. X., Zhang, Y. Q. & Wang, X. P. (1994). On some new species and new records of spiders of the family Araneidae from China. Journal of Hebei Normal University (nat. Sci. Ed.) 1994(Suppl.): 25-52. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alenatea acusiseta Araneidae 27, f. 2A-C (Dm) Araneus acusisetus
Anepsion depressum Araneidae 26, f. 1A-C (f) Anepsion depressum
Araneus bicavus Araneidae 28, f. 3A-C (Df) Araneus bicavus
Araneus fengshanensis Araneidae 31, f. 6A-D (Df) Araneus fengshanensis
Araneus pallasi Araneidae 43, f. 18A-E (Dmf) Neoscona chasisa
Araneus tengxianensis Araneidae 29, f. 4A-C (Df) Araneus tengxianensis
Araneus vermimaculatus Araneidae 30, f. 5A-C (Df) Araneus vermimaculatus
Araneus zebrinus Araneidae 32, f. 7A-C (Df) Araneus zebrinus
Argiope cameloides Araneidae 33, f. 8A-C (Dm) Argiope cameloides
Chorizopes zepherus Araneidae 34, f. 9A-C (Dm; N.B.: spelled zephenus in species heading, zopherus in figure legend, as above in English abstract) Chorizopes zepherus
Cyclosa dives Araneidae 35, f. 10A-H (m, Df) Cyclosa dives
Cyclosa senticauda Araneidae 36, f. 11A-G (Dmf) Cyclosa senticauda
Eriovixia laglaizei Araneidae 45, f. 19A-E (mf) Neoscona laglaizai
Plebs astridae Araneidae 40, f. 15A-D (Dm) [] Eriophora migra
Plebs baotianmanensis Araneidae 39, f. 14A-C (Dm) [] Eriophora shaanxiensis
Plebs baotianmanensis Araneidae 42, f. 17A-C (Df) [] Eriophora wangi
Plebs oculosus Araneidae 38, f. 13A-F (Dm) Eriophora oculosa
Plebs poecilus Araneidae 46, f. 20A-C (Df) Zilla poecila
Plebs sachalinensis Araneidae 37, f. 12A-C (Dm) [] Eriophora flava
Plebs tricentrus Araneidae 41, f. 16A-D (Dm) Eriophora tricentra
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