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Esyunin, S. L., Efimik, V. E. & Polyanin, A. B. (1995). Remarks on the Ural spider fauna, 5. New records of spider species of the family Linyphiidae from the Urals (Arachnida Aranei). Arthropoda Selecta 4(2): 49-71. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus levitarsis Linyphiidae 54, f. 20-21 (f) Centromerus levitarsis
Centromerus persimilis Linyphiidae 54, f. 2-3 (m) Centromerus persimilis
Erigone svenssoni Linyphiidae 57, f. 4-6 (m) Erigone svenssoni
Ipa terrenus Linyphiidae 60, f. 30-32 (mf) Lepthyphantes quadrimaculatus
Pelecopsis elongata Linyphiidae 62, f. 18-19 (f) Pelecopsis elongata
Peponocranium ludicrum Linyphiidae 64, f. 12-13 (f) Peponocranium ludicrum
Peponocranium orbiculatum Linyphiidae 64, f. 14-15 (f) Peponocranium orbiculatum
Trichoncus auritus Linyphiidae 65, f. 22-29 (mf) Trichoncus auritus
Trichopternoides thorelli Linyphiidae 66, f. 16-17 (f) Trichopterna thorelli
Typhochrestus digitatus Linyphiidae 66, f. 7-11 (mf) Typhochrestus digitatus
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