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Goloboff, P. A. (1995). A revision of the South American spiders of the family Nemesiidae (Araneae, Mygalomorphae). Part I: species from Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 224: 1-189. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthogonatus alegre Pycnothelidae 103, f. 94A-B (Df) Acanthogonatus alegre
Acanthogonatus birabeni Pycnothelidae 116, f. 102A-B (Dm) Acanthogonatus birabeni
Acanthogonatus brunneus Pycnothelidae 127, f. 113A-D (f) Acanthogonatus brunneus
Acanthogonatus campanae Pycnothelidae 100, f. 92A-E, 93A-B (mf) Acanthogonatus campanae
Acanthogonatus centralis Pycnothelidae 96, f. 9, 77-78, 89A-F, 90 (Dmf) Acanthogonatus centralis
Acanthogonatus chilechico Pycnothelidae 115, f. 101A-B (Dm) Acanthogonatus chilechico
Acanthogonatus confusus Pycnothelidae 80, f. 62, 80A-G (Dmf) Acanthogonatus confusus
Acanthogonatus francki Pycnothelidae 104, f. 95A-E (f, Dm, S of Acanthogonatus segne) Acanthogonatus franki
Acanthogonatus fuegianus Pycnothelidae 111, f. 60, 99A-E (mf) Acanthogonatus fuegianus
Acanthogonatus gounellei Pycnothelidae 76 (species cannot be identified, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Acanthogonatus gounellei
Acanthogonatus hualpen Pycnothelidae 121, f. 107A-D (Dmf) Acanthogonatus hualpen
Acanthogonatus huaquen Pycnothelidae 83, f. 59, 81A-E, 82 (Dmf) Acanthogonatus huaquen
Acanthogonatus incursus Pycnothelidae 93, f. 55, 88A-D (Tf from Bolostromus) Acanthogonatus incursus
Acanthogonatus juncal Pycnothelidae 87, f. 84A-C (Df) Acanthogonatus juncal
Acanthogonatus mulchen Pycnothelidae 124, f. 110, 112A-B (Df) Acanthogonatus mulchen
Acanthogonatus nahuelbuta Pycnothelidae 118, f. 15, 61, 75-76, 103A-I, 104-105, 106A-B (Dmf) Acanthogonatus nahuelbuta
Acanthogonatus notatus Pycnothelidae 113, f. 100A-E (m, Df, removed from S of Acanthogonatus patagonicus, contra Gerschman & Schiapelli, 1970a: 152, sub Tryssothele) Acanthogonatus notatus
Acanthogonatus parana Pycnothelidae 99, f. 91A-B (Df) Acanthogonatus parana
Acanthogonatus patagallina Pycnothelidae 122, f. 108A-B (Dm) Acanthogonatus patagallina
Acanthogonatus patagonicus Pycnothelidae 109, f. 98A-D (f, Dm) Acanthogonatus patagonicus
Acanthogonatus peniasco Pycnothelidae 108, f. 58, 97 (Df) Acanthogonatus peniasco
Acanthogonatus pissii Pycnothelidae 90, f. 86A-B, 87 (mf, S of Aphantopelma venosum) Acanthogonatus pissii
Acanthogonatus quilocura Pycnothelidae 86, f. 83A-C (Dmf) Acanthogonatus quilocura
Acanthogonatus recinto Pycnothelidae 106, f. 57, 96A-F (Dmf) Acanthogonatus recinto
Acanthogonatus subcalpeianus Pycnothelidae 78, f. 79A-H (f, Dm, S of Stenoterommata guttulatum) Acanthogonatus subcalpeianus
Acanthogonatus tacuariensis Pycnothelidae 88, f. 85A-C (mf) Acanthogonatus tacuariensis
Acanthogonatus tolhuaca Pycnothelidae 126, f. 56, 112C-D (Df) Acanthogonatus tolhuaca
Acanthogonatus vilches Pycnothelidae 123, f. 109A-D (Df) Acanthogonatus vilches
Brachythele keithi Nemesiidae 95 (Tf from Brachythele) Linothele keithi
Chaco obscura Pycnothelidae 170, f. 38-40, 146A-G, 147A-F (f, Dm) Chaco obscura
Chaco patagonica Pycnothelidae 184, f. 37, 156A-G (Df) Chaco patagonica
Chaco sanjuanina Pycnothelidae 181, f. 154A-G (Dmf) Chaco sanjuanina
Chaco socos Pycnothelidae 179, f. 136, 153A-E (Dmf) Chaco socos
Chaco tecka Pycnothelidae 183, f. 155A-F (Df) Chaco tecka
Chaco tigre Pycnothelidae 176, f. 41-42, 135, 149A-F, 150A-F (Dmf) Chaco tigre
Chaco tucumana Pycnothelidae 174, f. 148A-E (Dmf) Chaco tucumana
Chilelopsis calderoni Pycnothelidae 141, f. 22, 24, 26, 43-44, 117, 119A-G, 120A-E (Dmf) Chilelopsis calderoni
Chilelopsis minima Pycnothelidae 138, f. 10, 25, 29-30, 46, 118A-I (Dmf) Flamencopsis minima
Chilelopsis puertoviejo Pycnothelidae 144, f. 11-12, 27-28, 121A-C (Dmf) Chilelopsis puertoviejo
Chilelopsis serena Pycnothelidae 146, f. 23, 122A-H (Dmf) Chilelopsis serena
Lycinus bonariensis Pycnothelidae 166, f. 13, 45, 132A-B (mf) Diplothelopsis bonariensis
Lycinus caldera Pycnothelidae 154, f. 125A-D (Dmf) Lycinus caldera
Lycinus domeyko Pycnothelidae 162, f. 130 (Dm) Lycinus domeyko
Lycinus epipiptus Pycnothelidae 157, f. 127A-E (removed m from S of L. gajardoi contra Schiapelli & Gerschman, 1973c: 291, Df) Lycinus epipiptus
Lycinus frayjorge Pycnothelidae 156, f. 126 (Df) Lycinus frayjorge
Lycinus gajardoi Pycnothelidae 152, f. 7, 16, 21, 124A-E (m, Df) Lycinus gajardoi
Lycinus hastatus Pycnothelidae 164 ('description is quite uninformative', type lost, may belong to Neodiplothele or aclosely related genus - taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Diplothelopsis hastatus
Lycinus longipes Pycnothelidae 150, f. 31-32, 123A-F, 134 (m, Df) Lycinus longipes
Lycinus ornatus Pycnothelidae 164, f. 131A-C (mf) Diplothelopsis ornata
Lycinus quilicura Pycnothelidae 159, f. 128 (Dm) Lycinus quilicura
Lycinus secundus Pycnothelidae 149 ('unidentifiable juvenile', could perhaps be Pycnothele modesta - taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Lycinus secundus
Lycinus tofo Pycnothelidae 160, f. 129A-D (Dmf) Lycinus tofo
Mygaloides nubila Nemesiidae 149 (nomen dubium) Mygaloides nubila
Pycnothele auripila Pycnothelidae 133, f. 18, 54, 116A (f; misidentified perĀ Passanha et al., 2014: 245) Pycnothele auronitens
Pycnothele auronitens Pycnothelidae 133, f. 116B (m; not Df=P. auripila, per Passanha et al., 2014: 245) Pycnothele auronitens
Pycnothele gigas Pycnothelidae 168 (Tmf from Chaco) Neostothis gigas
Pycnothele modesta Pycnothelidae 130, f. 17, 53, 114A-D, 115A-I (removed m from S of P. singularis, contra Pérez-Miles & Capocasale, 1989: 291, Df) Pycnothele modesta
Rachias aureus Pycnothelidae 52 (Tf from Pselligmus) Rachias aureus
Rachias conspersus Pycnothelidae 30 (Tf from Pselligmus) Rachias conspersus
Rachias timbo Pycnothelidae 55, f. 3, 19, 35-36, 64, 65A-H (Dmf) Rachias timbo
Stenoterommata crassistyla Pycnothelidae 71, f. 74A-E (Dmf) Stenoterommata crassistylum
Stenoterommata iguazu Pycnothelidae 62, f. 67A-E (Dmf) Stenoterommata iguazu
Stenoterommata leporina Pycnothelidae 29 (Tm from Hermacha) Stenoterommata leporina
Stenoterommata palmar Pycnothelidae 69, f. 73A-F (Dmf) Stenoterommata palmar
Stenoterommata platensis Pycnothelidae 59, f. 4-6, 66A-F (mf, S of Brachythele argentina and Stenoterommata argentinensis) Stenoterommata platense
Stenoterommata quena Pycnothelidae 65, f. 51, 69-70, 71A-B (Df) Stenoterommata quena
Stenoterommata tenuistyla Pycnothelidae 66, f. 8, 14, 72A-L (Dmf) Stenoterommata tenuistylum
Stenoterommata uruguai Pycnothelidae 64, f. 68 (Df) Stenoterommata uruguai
Genus Family Page
Chilelopsis Goloboff, 1995 Pycnothelidae 141
Flamencopsis Goloboff, 1995 Pycnothelidae 138