Included taxa

JocquƩ, R. (1995b). Notes on Australian Zodariidae (Araneae), II. Redescriptions and new records. Records of the Australian Museum 47: 141-160. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Basasteron leucosemum Zodariidae 154, f. 8a (Tf from Storena) Nostera leucosema
Habronestes australiensis Zodariidae 143, f. 1a-e (Tm from Storena) Habronestes australiensis
Habronestes bradleyi Zodariidae 143, f. 2a-b (Tmf from Storena) Habronestes bradleyi
Habronestes grimwadei Zodariidae 144, f. 2c-e (Tmf from Storena) Habronestes grimwadei
Habronestes macedonensis Zodariidae 145, f. 3c-d (Tm from Storena) Habronestes macedonensis
Habronestes toddi Zodariidae 146, f. 3a-b (Tm from Storena) Habronestes toddi
Mallinella zebra Zodariidae 152, f. 7a-d (mf) Mallinella zebra
Neostorena spirafera Zodariidae 151, f. 6a-b (m) Neostorena spirafera
Neostorena torosa Zodariidae 149, f. 5a (Tf from Storosa) Neostorena torosa
Neostorena vituperata Zodariidae 150, f. 5b-c (Dm) Neostorena vituperata
Nosterella nadgee Zodariidae 154, f. 8b-d (Dmf) Nostera nadgee
Storosa tetrica Zodariidae 147, f. 4a-e (f, Dm) Storosa tetrica
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