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Levy, G. (1995). Revision of the spider subfamily Gnaphosinae in Israel (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Journal of Natural History 29(4): 919-981. doi:10.1080/00222939500770351 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Berlandina plumalis Gnaphosidae 940, f. 53-56 (mf, S) Berlandina plumalis
Berlandina pulchra Gnaphosidae 945 (Tf from Nomisia) Berlandina pulchra
Berlandina venatrix Gnaphosidae 942, f. 57-60 (mf, S) Berlandina venatrix
Gnaphosa bithynica Gnaphosidae 977, f. 143-144 (f) [misidentified per Zamani et al., 2017c: 61] Gnaphosa rufula
Gnaphosa cyrenaica Gnaphosidae 945 (Tf from Pterotricha) Gnaphosa cyrenaica
Gnaphosa dolosa Gnaphosidae 977, f. 139-142 (mf; N.B.: rejected S of this name with G. d. but provided no illustrations of the latter to document that decision) Gnaphosa barroisi
Minosia jaffana Gnaphosidae 945 (generic placement of Dalmas confirmed; nomen dubium) Minosia jaffana
Minosia pharao Gnaphosidae 926, f. 14-17 (mf) Minosia pharao
Minosia simeonica Gnaphosidae 924, f. 9-13 (Dmf) Minosia simeonica
Minosia spinosissima Gnaphosidae 922, f. 3-8 (f, Dm) Minosia spinosissima
Minosiella mediocris Gnaphosidae 971, f. 128-132 (mf) Minosiella mediocris
Minosiella pharia Gnaphosidae 973, f. 133-136 (f, Dm) Minosiella pharia
Nomisia aussereri Gnaphosidae 929, f. 21-25 (mf, S) Nomisia aussereri
Nomisia castanea Gnaphosidae 937, f. 47 (f) Nomisia castanea
Nomisia excerpta Gnaphosidae 933, f. 31-35 (m, Sf, rejected; N.B.: f of Dalmas, 1921 = N. palaestina) Nomisia excerpta
Nomisia negebensis Gnaphosidae 935, f. 41-46 (Dmf) Nomisia negebensis
Nomisia palaestina Gnaphosidae 938, f. 48-52 (removed f from S of N. excerpta, Sm) Nomisia palaestina
Nomisia recepta Gnaphosidae 933, f. 36-40 (mf; N.B.: m of Dalmas, 1921 =N. excerpta) Nomisia recepta
Nomisia ripariensis Gnaphosidae 931, f. 26-30 (mf) Nomisia ripariensis
Pterotricha cambridgei Gnaphosidae 950, f. 77-80, 83 (mf) Pterotricha cambridgii
Pterotricha chazaliae Gnaphosidae 962, f. 103-107 (mf, S of Pterotricha peregrina) Pterotricha chazaliae
Pterotricha conspersa Gnaphosidae 945, f. 62, 65-70 (mf, S of Pterotricha aegyptiaca and of P. isiaca) Pterotricha conspersa
Pterotricha dalmasi Gnaphosidae 948, f. 71-76 (m, Df) Pterotricha dalmasi
Pterotricha engediensis Gnaphosidae 956, f. 90-91 (Df) Pterotricha engediensis
Pterotricha kochi Gnaphosidae 967, f. 121-125 (mf, S) Pterotricha kochii
Pterotricha lentiginosa Gnaphosidae 969, f. 126-127 (f) Pterotricha lentiginosa
Pterotricha lesserti Gnaphosidae 960, f. 63, 98-102 (mf, S of Pterotricha fanatica) Pterotricha lesserti
Pterotricha levantina Gnaphosidae 951, f. 81-82, 84-85 (Dmf) Pterotricha levantina
Pterotricha lutata Gnaphosidae 954, f. 86-89 (mf) Pterotricha lutata
Pterotricha parasyriaca Gnaphosidae 965, f. 113-117 (Dmf) Pterotricha parasyriaca
Pterotricha procera Gnaphosidae 957, f. 92-97 (mf) Pterotricha procera
Pterotricha schaefferi Gnaphosidae 964, f. 108-112 (mf) Pterotricha schaefferi
Pterotricha syriaca Gnaphosidae 967, f. 118-120 (mf) Pterotricha syriaca
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