Included taxa

Mikhailov, K. G. (1995a). New or rare Oriental sac spiders of the genus Clubiona Latreille 1804 (Aranei Clubionidae). Arthropoda Selecta 3(3-4): 99-110. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona eskovi Clubionidae 103, f. 15-16 (Df) Clubiona eskovi
Clubiona evoronensis Clubionidae 109, f. 35-36 (Df) Clubiona evoronensis
Clubiona irinae Clubionidae 105 (S of Clubiona nigra) Clubiona irinae
Clubiona kunashirensis Clubionidae 102 (S) Clubiona kunashirensis
Clubiona kurenshikovi Clubionidae 102, f. 11-12 (Df) Clubiona kurenshikovi
Clubiona mandschurica Clubionidae 105, f. 17-19 (m) Clubiona mandschurica
Clubiona manshanensis Clubionidae 105 (S) Clubiona manshanensis
Clubiona nenilini Clubionidae 102, f. 13-14 (Df) Clubiona nenilini
Clubiona odesanensis Clubionidae 106, f. 24-25 (f) Clubiona odesanensis
Clubiona oligerae Clubionidae 108, f. 28-32 (Dm) Clubiona oligerae
Clubiona orientalis Clubionidae 106, f. 22-23 (Df) Clubiona orientalis
Clubiona paiki Clubionidae 102, f. 4-6 (Dm) Clubiona chechtsirica
Clubiona paralena Clubionidae 102, f. 7-10 (Dm) Clubiona paralena
Clubiona proszynskii Clubionidae 100, f. 1-3 (Dm) Clubiona proszynskii
Clubiona pseudogermanica Clubionidae 108, f. 33-34 (f, misidentified) Clubiona hummeli
Clubiona venusta Clubionidae 106, f. 20-21 (f) Clubiona venusta
Clubiona zyuzini Clubionidae 106, f. 26-27 (Df) Clubiona zyuzini
Paratrachelas acuminus Trachelidae 100 (Tmf from Clubiona) Trachelas acuminus
No genus found for this reference