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Peng, X. J. & Xie, L. P. (1995a). Spiders of the genus Habrocestoides from China (Araneae: Salticidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 10: 57-64. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chinattus dactyloides Salticidae 57, f. 1-7 (m, Df) Habrocestoides dactyloides
Chinattus emeiensis Salticidae 58, f. 8-11 (Df) Habrocestoides emeiensis
Chinattus furcatus Salticidae 59, f. 12-16 (m) Habrocestoides furcatus
Chinattus sinensis Salticidae 59, f. 17-22 (m) Habrocestoides sinensis
Chinattus szechwanensis Salticidae 60, f. 23-28 (mf) Habrocestoides szechwanensis
Chinattus tibialis Salticidae 61, f. 29-34 (Tm from Phintella, Df) Habrocestoides tibialis
Chinattus validus Salticidae 62, f. 35-38 (m) Habrocestoides validus
Chinattus wulingensis Salticidae 62, f. 39-43 (Df) Habrocestoides wulingensis
Chinattus wulingoides Salticidae 63, f. 44-47 (Df) Habrocestoides wulingoides
Hasarius kweilinensis Salticidae 58 (Tf from Habrocestum) Habrocestoides kweilinensis
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