Included taxa

Raven, R. J. & Schwendinger, P. J. (1995). Three new mygalomorph spider genera from Thailand and China (Araneae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 38(2): 623-641. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Angka hexops Microstigmatidae 629, f. 2A-B, 3A, D, 4A, 5B, 6A-L (Dmf) Angka hexops
Leptothele bencha Euagridae 637, f. 2C, 3E-F, 4E, 5F-G, 9A-K (Dmf) Leptothele bencha
Phyxioschema suthepium Euagridae 639, f. 11A-F (m) Phyxioschema suthepium
Raveniola guangxi Nemesiidae 633, f. 3C, 4B-C, 8A-E (Dm) Sinopesa guangxi
Sinopesa maculata Nemesiidae 632, f. 3B, 4D, 7A-M (Dmf) Sinopesa maculata
Genus Family Page
Angka Raven & Schwendinger, 1995 Microstigmatidae 624
Leptothele Raven & Schwendinger, 1995 Euagridae 636
Sinopesa Raven & Schwendinger, 1995 Nemesiidae 631