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Tanikawa, A. (1995b). Two new species of the spider genus Diphya (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) from Japan and Taiwan, with notes on the known species. Acta Arachnologica 44(2): 101-111. doi:10.2476/asjaa.44.101 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Diphya limbata Tetragnathidae 107, f. 20-21, 23-24 (mf, S of Diphya pallida) Diphya limbata
Diphya macrophthalma Tetragnathidae 106, f. 17 (f, S of D. rugosa; rejected by Marusik & Omelko, 2017e: 6) Diphya macrophthalma
Diphya okumae Tetragnathidae 102, f. 1-13 (Dmf) Diphya okumae
Diphya pumila Tetragnathidae 103, f. 19 (f) Diphya pumila
Diphya rugosa Tetragnathidae 106, f. 18 (f; misidentified per Marusik & Omelko, 2017e: 6) Diphya macrophthalma
Diphya spinifera Tetragnathidae 110, f. 22, 25-26 (mf) Diphya spinifera
Diphya taiwanica Tetragnathidae 105, f. 14-16 (Df) Diphya taiwanica
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