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Wunderlich, J. (1995F). Zur Kenntnis west-paläarktischer Arten der Gattungen Psammitis Menge 1875, Xysticus C. L. Koch 1835 und Ozyptila Simon 1864 (Arachnida: Araneae: Thomisidae). Beiträge zur Araneologie 4(1994): 749-774. [publ. in Dec. 1995] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bassaniodes bliteus Thomisidae 759 (S) Psammitis bliteus
Bassaniodes cribratus Thomisidae 761, f. 60-61, 63 (mf) Psammitis cribratus
Bassaniodes ferus Thomisidae 761, f. 59, 64 (f) Psammitis ferus
Bassaniodes fienae Thomisidae 758 (Tmf from Coriarachne) Psammitis fienae
Bassaniodes graecus Thomisidae 762, f. 46-49 (mf) Psammitis graecus
Bassaniodes pseudorectilineus Thomisidae 764, f. 52-53 (Dm) Psammitis pseudorectilineus
Bassaniodes sardiniensis Thomisidae 763, f. 50-51 (Dm) Psammitis sardiniensis
Bassaniodes tenebrosus Thomisidae 762, f. 43-44 (m, Df) Psammitis tenebrosus
Bassaniodes tristrami Thomisidae 761, f. 58, 61-62 (mf) Psammitis tristrami
Ebrechtella tricuspidata Thomisidae 751 (S of Xysticus pavesii) Misumenops tricuspidatus
Ozyptila aculipalpus Thomisidae 766, f. 56-57 (Dm; specific epithet is a noun) Ozyptila aculipalpus
Ozyptila spirembola Thomisidae 765, f. 54-55 (Dm) Ozyptila spirembolus
Xysticus bicolor Thomisidae 760, f. 41-42 (m) Psammitis bicolor
Xysticus brevidentatus Thomisidae 754, f. 20-22 (Dm) Xysticus brevidentatus
Xysticus kempeleni Thomisidae 759 (S, rejected) Psammitis kempeleni
Xysticus kochi Thomisidae 757, f. 38 (f, S of Xysticus calenzanae, X. montanus and X. noseki) Xysticus kochi
Xysticus lanio Thomisidae 756 (S of Xysticus uncatus) Xysticus lanio
Xysticus luctator Thomisidae 758, f. 39-40 (f, S of Xysticus asiaticus) Xysticus luctator
Xysticus nigrotrivittatus Thomisidae 755, f. 23-24 (m) Xysticus nigrotrivittatus
Xysticus promiscuus Thomisidae 752 (removed mf from S of X. cristatus, contra Levy, 1976: 18) Xysticus promiscuus
Xysticus pseudolanio Thomisidae 756, f. 34-35 (Dm) Xysticus pseudolanio
Xysticus siciliensis Thomisidae 757, f. 36-37 (Dm) Xysticus siciliensis
Xysticus thessalicoides Thomisidae 753, f. 8-19 (Dmf) Xysticus thessalicoides
Xysticus thessalicus Thomisidae 752, f. 1-7 (mf, S of Xysticus pelini, X. sislii and X. turcicus) Xysticus thessalicus
Xysticus tortuosus Thomisidae 755, f. 25-27 (mf) Xysticus tortuosus
Xysticus verneaui Thomisidae 755, f. 28-33 (mf) Xysticus verneaui
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