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Marusik, Y. M. & Logunov, D. V. (1996). Poorly known spider species of the families Salticidae and Thomisidae (Aranei) of the Soviet Far East. In: Entomological Studies in the North-East of the USSR. USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biological Problems of the North, Vladivostok, pp. 131-140. (dated "1991," first distributed March, 1996) download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 132, f. 3-5 (mf) Marpissa magister
Ozyptila nongae Thomisidae 1132, f. 6-7 (m) Ozyptila nongae
Psammitis gobiensis Thomisidae 135 (S of Xysticus laticeps; rejected by Marusik & Logunov, 2002b: 316) Xysticus sibiricus
Psammitis rugosus Thomisidae 134, f. 17-23 (mf) Xysticus rugosus
Psammitis sibiricus Thomisidae 135, f. 24-26 (mf) Xysticus sibiricus
Talavera minuta Salticidae 131, f. 1-2 (m) Talavera minuta
Xysticus britcheri Thomisidae 133, f. 11 (m) Xysticus britcheri
Xysticus canadensis Thomisidae 132, f. 8-10 (mf) Xysticus canadensis
Xysticus concretus Thomisidae 133, f. 12-16 (m, Df, S of Xysticus dichotomus) Xysticus concretus
Xysticus saganus Thomisidae 135, f. 27-33 (mf) Xysticus saganus
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