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PĂ©rez-Miles, F., Lucas, S. M., Silva Jr., P. I. da & Bertani, R. (1996). Systematic revision and cladistic analysis of Theraphosinae (Araneae: Theraphosidae). Mygalomorph 1: 33-68. download pdf


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Acanthoscurria cordubensis Theraphosidae 41, f. 5 (f) Acanthoscurria suina
Acanthoscurria geniculata Theraphosidae 41, f. 3-4, 6 (m) Acanthoscurria geniculata
Aphonopelma seemanni Theraphosidae 42, f. 8 (f) Aphonopelma seemanni
Aphonopelma texense Theraphosidae 42, f. 7 (m) Aphonopelma texense
Brachypelma emilia Theraphosidae 46, f. 9-10 (mf) Brachypelma emilia
Citharacanthus longipes Theraphosidae 46, f. 11 (m) Citharacanthus longipes
Cyclosternum janthinum Theraphosidae 47, f. 14 (m) Cyclosternum janthina
Cyclosternum schmardae Theraphosidae 46, f. 12-13 (mf) Cyclosternum schmardae
Cyriocosmus sellatus Theraphosidae 48, f. 16 (m) Cyriocosmus sellatus
Cyrtopholis cursor Theraphosidae 48, f. 17 (f) Cyrtopholis cursor
Davus fasciatus Theraphosidae 53 (Tf from Crypsidromus=Lasiodora, contra Raven, 1985a) Metriopelma drymusetes
Davus ruficeps Theraphosidae 53 (Tmf from Crypsidromus=Lasiodora, contra Raven, 1985a) Metriopelma zebratum
Euathlus manicata Theraphosidae 54, f. 33 (m) Paraphysa manicata
Euathlus truculentus Theraphosidae 48, f. 18-19 (m, Sf) Euathlus truculentus
Eupalaestrus campestratus Theraphosidae 48, f. 20-21 (mf) Eupalaestrus campestratus
Grammostola anthracina Theraphosidae 55, f. 36-37 (mf, S) Phrixotrichus mollicoma
Hapalopus coloratus Theraphosidae 53 (Tf from Crypsidromus=Lasiodora, contra Raven, 1985a) Metriopelma colorata
Hapalopus formosus Theraphosidae 48, f. 22 (m) Hapalopus formosus
Hapalotremus yuraqchanka Theraphosidae 52, f. 23 (m; misidentified per Sherwood et al., 2021d: 980) Hapalotremus albipes
Homoeomma hirsutum Theraphosidae 52, f. 26 (m) Homoeomma hirsutum
Homoeomma stradlingi Theraphosidae 52, f. 24-25 (m) Homoeomma stradlingi
Lasiodora klugi Theraphosidae 52, f. 27 (m) Lasiodora klugi
Megaphobema robustum Theraphosidae 53, f. 28 (m) Megaphobema robustum
Nhandu carapoensis Theraphosidae 53, f. 30-31 (mf) Nhandu carapoensis
Pamphobeteus nigricolor Theraphosidae 54, f. 32 (m) Pamphobeteus nigricolor
Phormictopus cancerides Theraphosidae 54, f. 34 (f) Phormictopus cancerides
Phrixotrichus scrofa Theraphosidae 54 (Tmf from Phrixotrichus) Paraphysa scrofa
Plesiopelma insulare Theraphosidae 55, f. 38 (m) Plesiopelma insulare
Plesiopelma longisternale Theraphosidae 55, f. 39 (m) Plesiopelma longisternale
Plesiopelma myodes Theraphosidae 55, f. 40 (f) Plesiopelma myodes
Plesiopelma rectimanum Theraphosidae 48 (Tmf from Hapalopus) Plesiopelma rectimanum
Pseudoschizopelma macropus Theraphosidae 46, f. 15 (m) Cyclosternum macropus
Schizopelma bicarinatum Theraphosidae 55, f. 42-43 (m) Schizopelma bicarinatum
Scopelobates sericeus Theraphosidae 60, f. 53 (f) Holothele sericeous
Theraphosa apophysis Theraphosidae 55, f. 41 (m) Pseudotheraphosa apophysis
Theraphosa blondi Theraphosidae 59, f. 46-47 (mf) Theraphosa blondi
Tmesiphantes crassifemur Theraphosidae 53, f. 29 (Tm from Dryptopelma=Cyclosternum) Melloleitaoina crassifemur
Tmesiphantes nubilus Theraphosidae 59, f. 48 (Tmf from Dryptopelma=Cyclosternum) Tmesiphantes nubilus
Vitalius sorocabae Theraphosidae 59, f. 49-50 (mf) Vitalius sorocabae
Xenesthis immanis Theraphosidae 60, f. 51-52 (mf) Xenesthis immanis
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