Included taxa

Wesołowska, W. (1996). New data on the jumping spiders of Turkmenistan (Aranei Salticidae). Arthropoda Selecta 5(1/2): 17-53. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus brutus Salticidae 23, f. 4A-B (Df) Aelurillus brutus
Aelurillus concolor Salticidae 21, f. 2A-C, 3A-C (mf) Aelurillus concolor
Aelurillus kopetdaghi Salticidae 24, f. 5A-D, 6A-C (Dmf) Aelurillus kopetdaghi
Afraflacilla arabica Salticidae 38 (S of Afraflacilla arabica; rejected by Logunov & Zamanpoore, 2005: 227) Pseudicius braunsi
Afraflacilla braunsi Salticidae 38, f. 27A-D (f, S P. arabicus, rejected, but see Wesolowska & van Harten, 2007: 252) Pseudicius braunsi
Attulus ammophilus Salticidae 41, f. 33A-C (f, S of Sitticus vilis; misidentified and S rejected by Prószyński, 2017: 39) Sitticus ammophilus
Attulus zimmermanni Salticidae 42, f. 34A-C (mf) Sitticus zimmermanni
Ballus chalybeius Salticidae 25, f. 7A-E, 8A-C (mf) Ballus depressus
Chalcoscirtus infimus Salticidae 26, f. 10C-D (Df) Chalcoscirtus pauper
Chalcoscirtus karakurt Salticidae 26, f. 9A-F (mf); Chalcoscirtus karakurt
Chalcoscirtus lepidus Salticidae 26, f. 10A-B (Df) Chalcoscirtus lepidus
Cyrba algerina Salticidae 27, f. 11A-D, 12A-B (mf) Cyrba algerina
Cyrba ocellata Salticidae 29, f. 13A-D, 14A-E (mf) Cyrba ocellata
Heliophanus mordax Salticidae 30 (S, rejected) Heliophanus mordax
Heliophanus turanicus Salticidae 30, f. 15A-D, 16A-C (mf) Heliophanus turanicus
Langona tartarica Salticidae 30, f. 17A-C, 18A-C (mf) Langona tartarica
Leptorchestes berolinensis Salticidae 32, f. 19A-D (f) Leptorchestes berolinensis
Marusyllus auspex Salticidae 44, f. 36A-D (mf) Yllenus auspex
Menemerus marginatus Salticidae 32, f. 20A-G (mf) Menemerus marginatus
Mogrus antoninus Salticidae 34, f. 21A (m) Mogrus antoninus
Mogrus larisae Salticidae 34, f. 21B-C (m) Mogrus larisae
Mogrus valerii Salticidae 34, f. 22A-F (m) Mogrus valerii
Philaeus chrysops Salticidae 34, f. 23A-E (mf) Philaeus chrysops
Plexippoides flavescens Salticidae 34, f. 24A-D (mf, S of Menemerops sollistimus and Plexippoides arabicus, S of P. a. rejected by Prószyński, 2003: 138 and accepted/confirmed by Logunov & Zamanpoore, 2005: 225) Plexippoides flavescens
Plexippus setipes Salticidae 38, f. 26D (f) Plexippus setipes
Plexippus strandi Salticidae 36, f. 25A-C, 26A-C (mf) [misidentified per Prószyński, 2017c: 66] Plexippus coccineus
Pseudicius courtauldi Salticidae 38, f. 28A-C (f, lapsus) Pseudicius courtlauldi
Pseudomogrus mirandus Salticidae 45, f. 40A-E (Df) Yllenus mirandus
Pseudomogrus mirandus Salticidae 46, f. 41A-E (Dm) Yllenus probatus
Pseudomogrus pseudovalidus Salticidae 48, f. 42A-G (mf, misidentified) Yllenus somoensis
Pseudomogrus univittatus Salticidae 49, f. 44A-D (m) Yllenus univittatus
Pseudomogrus validus Salticidae 48, f. 43A-C (mf; not f. 42A-G, =Y. pseudovalidus) Yllenus somonensis
Rudakius spasskyi Salticidae 40, f. 29A-E, 30A-D (mf) Pseudicius spasskyi
Salticus tricinctus Salticidae 41, f. 32A-G (mf) Salticus tricinctus
Salticus turkmenicus Salticidae 41, f. 31A-F (mf; misidentified per Logunov & Rakov, 1998: 138) Salticus dzhungaricus
Yllenus turkestanicus Salticidae 45, f. 37A-F, 38A-C, 39A-C (f, Dm, misidentified) Yllenus flavociliatus
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