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Song, D. X. & Li, S. Q. (1997). Spiders of Wuling Mountains area. In: Song, D. X. (ed.) Invertebrates of Wuling Mountains Area, Southwestern China. Science Press, Beijing, pp. 400-448. download pdf


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Alcimochthes limbatus Thomisidae 421, f. 26A-C (f) Alcimochthes limbatus
Araneus auriculatus Araneidae 411, f. 13A-D (mf) Araneus auriculatus
Araneus badongensis Araneidae 412, f. 14A-B (m) Araneus badongensis
Araneus circellus Araneidae 412, f. 15A-B (f) Araneus circellus
Araneus colubrinus Araneidae 413, f. 16A-B (f) Araneus colubrinus
Araneus octodentalis Araneidae 414, f. 17A-B (m) Araneus octodentalis
Araneus wulongensis Araneidae 415, f. 18A-B (f) Araneus wulongensis
Araneus xianfengensis Araneidae 415, f. 19A-B (f) Araneus xianfengensis
Asemonea sichuanensis Salticidae 430, f. 37A-E (m) Asemonea sichuanensis
Bifurcia ramosa Linyphiidae 405, f. 7A-G (mf) Arcuphantes ramosus
Bristowia heterospinosa Salticidae 431, f. 38A-D (mf) Bristowia heterospinosa
Chinattus tibialis Salticidae 433, f. 43A-C (f) Heliophanus geminus
Chinattus tibialis Salticidae 437, f. 48A-B (m) Phintella tibialis
Chinattus undulatus Salticidae 434, f. 44A-C (f) Heliophanus undulatus
Clubiona baimaensis Clubionidae 418, f. 22A-B (f) Clubiona baimaensis
Clubiona lyriformis Clubionidae 418, f. 23A-B (f) Clubiona lyriformis
Clubiona moralis Clubionidae 429, f. 24A-D (mf) Clubiona moralis
Corinnomma severum Corinnidae 420, f. 25A-D (mf) Castianeira hamulata
Enoplognatha lordosa Theridiidae 401, f. 2A-C (m) Enoplognatha lordosa
Euochin atrata Salticidae 431, f. 39A-C (f) Euophrys atrata
Evarcha orientalis Salticidae 436, f. 47A-D (m) Pharacocerus orientalis
Evarcha paralbaria Salticidae 432, f. 41A-F (mf) Evarcha paralbaria
Floronia hunanensis Linyphiidae 405, f. 8A-G (mf) Floronia hunanensis
Frontinella hubeiensis Linyphiidae 406, f. 9A-I (mf) Frontinella hubeiensis
Frontinella zhui Linyphiidae 407, f. 10A-F (f) Frontinella zhui
Gelotia syringopalpis Salticidae 433, f. 42A-D (m) Gelotia syringopalpis
Leucauge wulingensis Tetragnathidae 409, f. 12A-B (m) Leucauge wulingensis
Lysiteles badongensis Thomisidae 422, f. 27A-D (mf) Lysiteles badongensis
Lysiteles inflatus Thomisidae 423, f. 28A-E (mf) Lysiteles inflatus
Lysiteles minusculus Thomisidae 424, f. 29A-C (m) Lysiteles minusculus
Lysiteles silvanus Thomisidae 425, f. 30A-C (f) Lysiteles silvanus
Maratus furvus Salticidae 435, f. 45A-D (m) Lycidas furvus
Micromisumenops xiushanensis Thomisidae 426, f. 32A-E (mf) Misumenops xiushanensis
Mimetus sinicus Mimetidae 400, f. 1A-E (mf) Mimetus sinicus
Misumenops forcatus Thomisidae 425, f. 31A-C (m) Misumenops forcatus
Moneta spinigeroides Theridiidae 402, f. 3A-B (f) Episinus spinigeroides
Nigorella hirticeps Salticidae 436, f. 46A-C (m) Pharacocerus hirticeps
Pancorius crassipes Salticidae 432, f. 40A-C (m) Evarcha crassipes
Phrynarachne mammillata Thomisidae 427, f. 33A-D (f) Phrynarachne mammillata
Ptocasius badongensis Salticidae 443, f. 54A-C (f) Yaginumaella badongensis
Rathalos xiushanensis Anyphaenidae 417, f. 21A-E (mf) Anyphaena xiushanensis
Siler cupreus Salticidae 439, f. 50A-D (m) Siler cupreus
Singa alpigenoides Araneidae 415, f. 20A-B (m) Singa alpigenoides
Solenysa wulingensis Linyphiidae 404, f. 6A-E (m) Solenysa wulingensis
Spartaeus platnicki Salticidae 438, f. 49A-H (mf) Spartaeus heterospineus
Steatoda craniformis Theridiidae 402, f. 4A-C (f) Steatoda craniformis
Strigoplus guizhouensis Thomisidae 428, f. 34A-C (f) Strigoplus guizhouensis
Syedra oii Linyphiidae 408, f. 11A-D (mf) Syedra rutilata
Synagelides annae Salticidae 440, f. 51A-D (mf) Synagelides annae
Synagelides longus Salticidae 441, f. 52A-C (f) Synagelides longus
Theridion xianfengense Theridiidae 403, f. 5A-B (m) Theridion xianfengensis
Thyene orientalis Salticidae 442, f. 53A-D (m) Thyene orientalis
Tmarus circinalis Thomisidae 429, f. 35A-B (f) Tmarus circinalis
Tmarus koreanus Thomisidae 429, f. 36A-B (f) Tmarus koreanus
Yaginumaella flexa Salticidae 443, f. 55A-D (m) Yaginumaella flexa
Yaginumaella variformis Salticidae 444, f. 56A-C (f) Yaginumaella variformis
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