Included taxa

Yin, C. M. & Kim, J. P. (1997). The current status and trends in the research of Chinese arachnology. Korean Arachnology 13(2): 51-80. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus albomaculatus Araneidae 58, f. 1A-E (mf) Araneus albomaculatus
Neoscona adianta Araneidae 58, f. 2A-G (mf) Neoscona adianta
Neoscona holmi Araneidae 58, f. 2a-g (Tm from Araneus, f had been misidentified as N. doenitzi by Chinese authors) Neoscona holmi
Parawixia hypocrita Araneidae 58, f. 1a-e (mf) Parawixia hypocrita
Pardosa tschekiangiensis Lycosidae 60, f. 3a-g (removed mf from S of P. nebulosa, contra Song, 1987: 237) Pardosa tschekiangiensis
No genus found for this reference