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Harvey, M. S. (1998). A review of the Australasian species of Anapistula Gertsch (Araneae: Symphytognathidae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 19: 111-120. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anapistula australia Symphytognathidae 113, f. 2 (f) Anapistula australia
Anapistula bifurcata Symphytognathidae 115, f. 6-9 (Dmf) Anapistula bifurcata
Anapistula boneti Symphytognathidae 112, f. 20-21 (m) Anapistula boneti
Anapistula cuttacutta Symphytognathidae 116, f. 10-11 (Dm) Anapistula cuttacutta
Anapistula jerai Symphytognathidae 117, f. 12-14 (Dmf) Anapistula jerai
Anapistula secreta Symphytognathidae 112, f. 1 (m) Anapistula secreta
Anapistula tonga Symphytognathidae 118, f. 15-19 (Dmf) Anapistula tonga
Anapistula troglobia Symphytognathidae 114, f. 3-5 (Df) Anapistula troglobia
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