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Huber, B. (1998e). Notes on the Neotropical spider genus Modisimus (Pholcidae, Araneae), with descriptions of thirteen new species from Costa Rica and neighboring countries. Journal of Arachnology 26: 19-60. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Modisimus bribri Pholcidae 23, f. 1-23 (m) Modisimus bribri
Modisimus cahuita Pholcidae 27, f. 24-35 (mf) Modisimus cahuita
Modisimus caldera Pholcidae 30, f. 36-44 (Dmf) Modisimus caldera
Modisimus coco Pholcidae 30, f. 45-51 (m) Modisimus coco
Modisimus dilutus Pholcidae 53, f. 149-157 (mf) Modisimus dilutus
Modisimus dominical Pholcidae 30, f. 52-60 (mf) Modisimus dominical
Modisimus guatuso Pholcidae 33, f. 61-94 (mf) Modisimus guatuso
Modisimus inornatus Pholcidae 54, f. 158-163 (mf) Modisimus inornatus
Modisimus maculatipes Pholcidae 55, f. 164-167 (f, S) Modisimus maculatipes
Modisimus madreselva Pholcidae 40, f. 95-100 (m) Modisimus madreselva
Modisimus nicaraguensis Pholcidae 42, f. 101-109 (Dmf) Modisimus nicaraguensis
Modisimus pittier Pholcidae 42, f. 110-118 (mf) Modisimus pittier
Modisimus propinquus Pholcidae 57, f. 168-174 (m) Modisimus propinquus
Modisimus pulchellus Pholcidae 57, f. 175-181 (mf) Modisimus pulchellus
Modisimus sanvito Pholcidae 43, f. 119-127 (m) Modisimus sanvito
Modisimus sarapiqui Pholcidae 48, f. 128-134 (f) Modisimus sarapiqui
Modisimus selvanegra Pholcidae 50, f. 135-142 (Dmf) Modisimus selvanegra
Modisimus texanus Pholcidae 58, f. 182-191 (f, Dm) Modisimus texanus
Modisimus tortuguero Pholcidae 52, f. 143-148 (f) Modisimus tortuguero
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