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Levy, G. (1998c). The ground-spider genera Setaphis, Trachyzelotes, Zelotes, and Drassyllus (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) in Israel. Israel Journal of Zoology 44: 93-158. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Berinda infumata Gnaphosidae 145, f. 112-115 (mf, T from Drassodes, S of Drassodes citipes) Zelotes infumatus
Civizelotes caucasius Gnaphosidae 137, f. 92-96 (mf) Zelotes caucasius
Civizelotes solstitialis Gnaphosidae 139, f. 97-101 (Dmf) Zelotes solstitialis
Cryptodrassus helvoloides Gnaphosidae 150, f. 123-125 (Dm), f. 126-127 (f) belongs to C. helvolus per Chatzaki & Russell-Smith, 2017: 240 Zelotes helvoloides
Cryptodrassus helvolus Gnaphosidae 148, f. 120-122 (m) Zelotes helvolus
Cryptodrassus helvolus Gnaphosidae 150, f. 126-127 (f) [misidentified per Chatzaki & Russell-Smith, 2017: 238] Zelotes helvoloides
Drassyllus carbonarius Gnaphosidae 153, f. 131-132 (m, T from Zelotes) Drassyllus carbonarius
Drassyllus jubatopalpis Gnaphosidae 154, f. 133-137 (Dmf) Drassyllus jubatopalpis
Heser aradensis Gnaphosidae 147, f. 37b, 116-119 (Dmf) Zelotes aradensis
Heser hierosolymitanus Gnaphosidae 136, f. 90-91 (Df) Zelotes hierosolymitanus
Heser hierosolymitanus Gnaphosidae 141, f. 102-103 (Dm) [] Zelotes incisupalpis
Heser nilicola Gnaphosidae 142, f. 104-107 (mf) Zelotes nilicola
Marinarozelotes bardiae Gnaphosidae 110, f. 31-32 (mf, T from Zelotes, S of Trachyzelotes costatus) Trachyzelotes bardiae
Marinarozelotes glossus Gnaphosidae 109, f. 29-30 (Tm from Zelotes) Trachyzelotes glossus
Marinarozelotes jaxartensis Gnaphosidae 107, f. 25-28 (mf) Trachyzelotes jaxartensis
Marinarozelotes lyonneti Gnaphosidae 105, f. 19-22 (mf) Trachyzelotes lyonneti
Marinarozelotes stubbsi Gnaphosidae 106, f. 23-24 (m) Trachyzelotes stubbsi
Setaphis carmeli Gnaphosidae 96, f. 2-5 (mf) Setaphis carmeli
Setaphis fuscipes Gnaphosidae 99, f. 10-13 (mf, S) Setaphis fuscipes
Setaphis mollis Gnaphosidae 97, f. 6-9 (mf) Setaphis mollis
Trachyzelotes pedestris Gnaphosidae 102, f. 15-18 (mf) Trachyzelotes pedestris
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 143, f. 108-111 (mf, S of Scotophaeus blepharotrichus) Zelotes rusticus
Zelotes bashaneus Gnaphosidae 122, f. 56-57 (Dm) Zelotes bashaneus
Zelotes bokerensis Gnaphosidae 134, f. 86-89 (Dmf) Zelotes bokerensis
Zelotes eremus Gnaphosidae 116, f. 44-47 (Dmf) Zelotes eremus
Zelotes fagei Gnaphosidae 115, f. 42-43 (f) Zelotes fagei
Zelotes galunae Gnaphosidae 118, f. 37c, 48-51 (Dmf; N.B.: patronym for Rachel Galun) Zelotes galuni
Zelotes haifaensis Gnaphosidae 120, f. 54-55 (f, misidentified) Zelotes meronensis
Zelotes haplodrassoides Gnaphosidae 113 (Tf from Herpyllus) Zelotes haplodrassoides
Zelotes laetus Gnaphosidae 122, f. 58-61 (m, Sf) Zelotes laetus
Zelotes lutorius Gnaphosidae 146 Zelotes lutorius
Zelotes meronensis Gnaphosidae 120, f. 52-53 (Dm; not f, =Z. haifaensis) Zelotes meronensis
Zelotes metellus Gnaphosidae 151, f. 128-130 (Dm) [] Zelotes sumchi
Zelotes parascrutatus Gnaphosidae 128, f. 69-72 (Dmf) Zelotes parascrutatus
Zelotes scrutatus Gnaphosidae 125, f. 35-36, 37a, 62-68 (Tmf from Scotophaeus, S) Zelotes scrutatus
Zelotes shaked Gnaphosidae 130, f. 75-77 (Dm) Zelotes shaked
Zelotes tenuis Gnaphosidae 131, f. 78-81 (mf, S of Zelotes pyrethri) Zelotes tenuis
Zelotes tragicus Gnaphosidae 133, f. 82-85 (m, Df) Zelotes tragicus
Zelotes xerophilus Gnaphosidae 113, f. 33-34, 38-41 (Dmf) Zelotes xerophilus
Zelotes zin Gnaphosidae 129, f. 73-74 (Dm) Zelotes zin
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