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Logunov, D. V. & Rakov, S. Y. (1998). Miscellaneous notes on Middle Asian jumping spiders (Aranei: Salticidae). Arthropoda Selecta 7: 117-144. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afraflacilla flavipes Salticidae 120, f. 1-4 (f) Icius flavipes
Attulus barsakelmes Salticidae 139, f. 47-48 (Df) Sitticus barsakelmes
Attulus dubatolovi Salticidae 139, f. 73-77 (Dmf) Sitticus dubatolovi
Attulus kazakhstanicus Salticidae 140, f. 49-50 (f) Sitticus kazakhstanicus
Langona pallidula Salticidae 122, f. 18-24 (Dm) Langona pallidula
Langona tartarica Salticidae 122, f. 25-36 (mf) Langona tartarica
Macaroeris asiatica Salticidae 124, f. 12-14 (Df) Macaroeris asiaticus
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 125 (S of Marpissa obscura) Marpissa canestrinii
Pellenes dilutus Salticidae 126 (S of Pellenes tesin) Pellenes dilutus
Phlegra cinereofasciata Salticidae 128, f. 37-42 (mf) Phlegra cinereofasciata
Plexippoides arkit Salticidae 128, f. 5-7 (Df) Plexippoides arkit
Plexippus kondarensis Salticidae 129, f. 43-46 (mf) Plexippus kondarensis
Proszynskiana aeluriforma Salticidae 129, f. 51-54 (Dm) Proszynskiana aeluriforma
Ptocasius variegatus Salticidae 133, f. 10-11 (Dm) Ptocasius variegatus
Rafalus variegatus Salticidae 134, f. 55-64 (mf; N.B.: cited in generic nomen nudum) Rafalus variegatus
Salticus aiderensis Salticidae 137, f. 8-9 (Df) Salticus aiderensis
Salticus dzhungaricus Salticidae 137, f. 69-72 (Dm, f) Salticus dzhungaricus
Salticus turkmenicus Salticidae 138, f. 65-68 (Dmf) Salticus turkmenicus
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