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Danilov, S. N. (1999). The spider family Liocranidae in Siberia and Far East (Aranei). Arthropoda Selecta 7: 313-317. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agroeca brunnea Liocranidae 313, f. 1A-C (mf) Agroeca brunnea
Agroeca maculata Liocranidae 313, f. 1D-E (f) Agroeca maculata
Agroeca proxima Liocranidae 313, f. 1F, 2A-B (mf) Agroeca proxima
Pennalithus palgongensis Phrurolithidae 316, f. 3D (f) Phrurolithus pargongensis
Pennalithus pennatus Phrurolithidae 317, f. 3E-F, 4A (mf) Phrurolithus pennatus
Phrurolithus festivus Phrurolithidae 313, f. 2C-F (mf) Phrurolithus festivus
Phrurolithus hamdeokensis Phrurolithidae 313, f. 2G, 3A-C (mf) Phrurolithus hamdeokensis
Phrurolithus sinicus Phrurolithidae 317, f. 4B (f) Phrurolithus sinicus
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