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Levy, G. (1999d). Spiders of six uncommon drassodine genera (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Israel. Israel Journal of Zoology 45: 427-452. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Leptodrassex simoni Gnaphosidae 446, f. 35-37 (mf) Leptodrassus simoni
Leptopilos pupa Gnaphosidae 446, f. 38-40 (mf) Leptodrassus pupa
Leptopilos tenerrimus Gnaphosidae 445, f. 32-34 (m) Leptodrassus tenerrimus
Megamyrmaekion caudatum Gnaphosidae 442, f. 26, 30-31 (f; m is M. hula per Levy, 2009: 16) Megamyrmaekion caudatum
Megamyrmaekion hula Gnaphosidae 442, f. 27-29 (m, misidentified) Megamyrmaekion caudatum
Megamyrmaekion vulpinum Gnaphosidae 438 (T from Scotophaeus, S of Megamyrmaekion holosericeum and M. pallescens) Megamyrmaekion vulpinum
Odontodrassus aravaensis Gnaphosidae 450, f. 41-42, 47-49 (Dm) Odontodrassus aravaensis
Odontodrassus mundulus Gnaphosidae 448, f. 43-46 (mf, T from Scotophaeus, S of Poecilochroa monodi) Odontodrassus mundulus
Phaeocedus hebraeus Gnaphosidae 429, f. 1-5 (Dmf) Phaeocedus hebraeus
Poecilochroa golan Gnaphosidae 435, f. 15-16 (Df) Poecilochroa golan
Poecilochroa poonaensis Gnaphosidae 436, f. 17-18 (Df) [] Poecilochroa taborensis
Poecilochroa pugnax Gnaphosidae 433, f. 10-14 (mf, S of Poecilochroa lesserti) Poecilochroa pugnax
Poecilochroa senilis Gnaphosidae 431, f. 6-9 (mf, S of Poecilochroa campestrata and P. dimidiata) Poecilochroa senilis
Scotophaeus blackwalli Gnaphosidae 438, f. 19-23 (f; not m, = S. peninsularis) Scotophaeus blackwalli
Scotophaeus peninsularis Gnaphosidae 440, f. 24-25 (Df) [] Scotophaeus subcorticis
Scotophaeus peninsularis Gnaphosidae 438, f. 20-21 (m, misidentified) Scotophaeus blackwalli
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