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Ramírez, M. J. (1999). New species and cladistic reanalysis of the spider genus Monapia (Araneae, Anyphaenidae, Amaurobioidinae). Journal of Arachnology 27: 415-431. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Monapia angusta Anyphaenidae 422, f. 20-23 (Tj from Arachosia, Df) Monapia angusta
Monapia carolina Anyphaenidae 427, f. 31-34 (Df) Monapia carolina
Monapia charrua Anyphaenidae 420, f. 7-13 (Dmf) Monapia charrua
Monapia fierro Anyphaenidae 423, f. 4-5, 24-30 (Dmf) Monapia fierro
Monapia guenoana Anyphaenidae 421, f. 1-3, 14-19 (Dmf) Monapia guenoana
Monapia tandil Anyphaenidae 429, f. 35-39 (Dm) Monapia tandil
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