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J├Ąger, P. (2000e). The huntsman spider genus Cebrennus: four new species and a preliminary key to known species. Revue Arachnologique 13(12): 163-186. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cebrennus aethiopicus Sparassidae 176, f. 49-55 (m, Df) Cebrennus aethiopicus
Cebrennus castaneitarsis Sparassidae 174, f. 42-46 (mf) Cebrennus castaneitarsis
Cebrennus concolor Sparassidae 179, f. 68-72 (m, T from Cerbalopsis ) Cebrennus concolor
Cebrennus cultrifer Sparassidae 168, f. 1-6 (m) Cebrennus cultrifer
Cebrennus intermedius Sparassidae 178, f. 61-67 (Dm) Cebrennus intermedius
Cebrennus kochi Sparassidae 171, f. 17-21 (mf) Cebrennus kochi
Cebrennus logunovi Sparassidae 169, f. 7-16 (Dmf) Cebrennus logunovi
Cebrennus mayri Sparassidae 178, f. 56-60 (Df) Cebrennus mayri
Cebrennus powelli Sparassidae 172, f. 22-33 (mf) Cebrennus powelli
Cebrennus rungsi Sparassidae 172, f. 34-41 (Dmf) Cebrennus rungsi
Cebrennus tunetanus Sparassidae 185, f. 86-88 (mf) Cebrennus tunetanus
Cebrennus villosus Sparassidae 181, f. 73-85 (mf) Cebrennus villosus
Cebrennus wagae Sparassidae 178, f. 47-48 (m) Cebrennus wagae
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