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Wang, X. P. (2000). A revision of the genus Tamgrinia (Araneae: Amaurobiidae), with notes on amaurobiid spinnerets, tracheae and trichobothria. Invertebrate Taxonomy 14(4): 449-464. doi:10.1071/IT99001 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tamgrinia alveolifera Agelenidae 458, f. 42-44 (m) Tamgrinia alveolifer
Tamgrinia alveolifera Agelenidae 458, f. 45-46 (f) Tamgrinia chhanguensis
Tamgrinia coelotiformis Agelenidae 459, f. 47-52 (f) Tamgrinia coelotiformis
Tamgrinia laticeps Agelenidae 460, f. 22-29, 38, 53-61 Tamgrinia laticeps
Tamgrinia tulugouensis Agelenidae 462, f. 39, 62-64 (Df) Tamgrinia tulugouensis
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